The Wing Rating Scale:

The rating scale runs from 1 as the lowest to 10 as the highest. With Serniak and Lynch’s scores combined, the highest score a location can receive is a 100. The scale is made up of four categories.


Environment – Is it a hole-in-the-wall bar? A commercially successful chain? This is taken into consideration for environment. The environment rating is a combination of the overall atmosphere of the location and the service provided within.


Wing Size – Whoever says size doesn’t matter has never eaten wings. The wing size rating is a combination of the size of the wing and the price. An average size wing at $0.35 will be rated higher than the same size wing at $0.50. Everybody has their price, just like every wing.


Wing Flavors – Sure, everyone can make a mild, hot, and BBQ wing, but the true skill comes from a large amount of flavors. Variety is the spice of life. Wing flavor rates a location on how many flavors they offer as well as uniqueness of flavors.


Wing Taste (x2) – Perhaps the most important rating is the wing taste, which is why it’s double-weighted. This is what wing night really comes down to. Was the teriyaki too salty, the hot too vinegary, the butter and garlic too buttery? Or were the wings just right?

Each place will receive it’s own post. Within a place’s post, you can find any assortment of reviews.

When we first started, we only had a number rating for a place. Much like the X-Men, we evolved and moved to more in-depth reviews. That’s where the written review comes into play. From that point forward, we only did written reviews of the places we visited. If we went to a place and only had a number rating, we would do a written review.

Now, if we already had a written review for a place and we went for another visit, we didn’t see a point in doing another write-up. We just updated the post with any changes to the scores and a short description why we made a change.

The next step in evolution has led us to the podcast. We are now revisiting places with written reviews and creating podcasts. If we visit a place for a first time, we will do a written review. For all places that have a written review though, we are creating podcasts.