The Wing Men On Facebook

Published: October/20/2016

If you don’t like The Wing Men on Facebook, you’re making a huge mistake! First of all, by liking us on Facebook, you’re more likely to be notified when we post a review. On top of that, whenever we go out for a wing night, we will post a picture from the place on that same night. That’s something you won’t find on our blog!

So you’re probably thinking that’s cool and all, but it’s not quite enough for you to like The Wing Men on Facebook. Well this should get your attention! We’ve started posting giveaways on our Facebook where you can win items like a free order of wings and t-shirts just by sharing one of our posts. In fact, you should probably like The Wing Men on Facebook by this Sunday. Because, who knows, there may be another such giveaway starting on that day.

And for those of you who are reading this on Facebook, you’re the coolest and it’s pretty apparent you know how to make very smart decisions. Keep up the good work!