Bell’s County Line Pub & Eatery

Basic Information:

Location: 2184 US-11, Factoryville, PA, 18419
Phone Number: (570) 910-0110
Wing Nights: Tuesday, Thursday
Wing Night Price: 45 cents
Wing Flavors:

Hot, Mild, Garlic, Honey Mustard, BBQ

Links: Facebook

Wing to get: Hot Garlic

  • Bell’s County Line Podcast - 10/09/14

    We’ve decided to pay a second visit to Bell’s County Line Pub & Eatery. Since this was our second visit, we recorded a podcast. In fact, the podcast is in this very post. Look below!

    Bell’s is a quaint-looking establishment right by Keystone College. It’s a major hangout for those collegiate folk. On top of all that, they serve some pretty decent wings. Listen to the podcast below. You can also head over to the Bell’s County Line Pub & Eatery Review Page to see our written review from our first visit.

    As a reminder, you can search “The Wing Men” in iTunes to find out podcast. Make sure you’re looking within the podcast section. All the podcasts can be found there. You can even subscribe so you always have the most up to date podcast downloaded to your computer.

    Bell’s County Line Pub & Eatery - 10/09/14

  • First Visit to Bell’s - 05/08/13

    Overall Rating: 47

    Lynch Serniak

    Lynch's Rating: 21 out of 50

    Environment: 6

    Bell’s is a bit of a trip from the Scranton Area. It’s located right next to Keystone College past Clarks Summit. It’s a house that has been transformed into a bar/restaurant. From the outside, it looks pretty nice and had outdoor patio for seating to eat. It looks like a great place to hang during the summer. The inside is made up of a small bar area and plenty of seating. This is more of a restaurant than a bar. There isn’t a pool table or darts from what I saw. Appropriately enough, they have bells everywhere inside. The waitress seemed sort of new, and it did take a while for our order to get taken, but she was nice. She seemed to get confused or didn’t care to listen when we placed our order, as we had to repeat ourselves quite a bit. Near the end of our meal, it seemed the college crowd started to shuffle in. I think a baseball game practice just got out, because they were your typical sports bros. We weren’t there very long after that.

    Wing Size: 3

    The wings were a bit smaller. They were cooked to an interesting crispy texture, which may have lent to their smaller size. At $0.45, they were a bit overpriced for their size.

    Wing Flavors: 2

    These are your typical wing flavors. Don’t expect anything crazy here or mind blowing. A very small selection.

    Wing Taste (x2): 5

    I ordered the Hot, Hot Garlic and Honey Mustard. The Hot were a nice orange color, indicating a nice mixture of hot sauce and butter. They were a great blend of the vingary and buttery taste. The Hot Garlic used the same hot sauce and added some garlic to it. The Garlic wasn’t very pronounced and left something to be desired. I am not a huge fan of Honey Mustard, and these wings exemplified my feelings. They were dull and pretty bland. I ended up taking the honey mustard wings and added them to the regular hot sauce to get a better taste.

    Serniak's Rating: 26 out of 50

    Environment: 6

    Approaching the place, you get the sense that the building at one time was someone’s home and you especially get that feeling when you walk inside. Every room felt either like a living room or a possible dining room. It was very clean and bar area had a lively tone to it. There are about 10 or so tables throughout the place. Our server, which might of been on one of her first days of waitressing ever, was having a not so smooth time with things. For one, I ordered an order of “hot” wings and she brought out mild. The atmosphere of the whole place was a relaxing. This place is located near Keystone College and you can tell that by the amount of Keystone apparel people were wearing. Good Vibes.

    Wing Size: 5

    The size of the wings was average and the price was 40 cents a wing and that puts it right around average. I left near full. 5 more would have done it.

    Wing Flavors: 3

    They only had mild, hot, honey mustard, bbq and garlic but you could combine hot and garlic if you wanted to. I definitely could of used more flavors.

    Wing Taste (x2): 6

    I ordered hot (but I got mild instead), garlic, honey mustard and bbq. One thing about these wings that I really like was the crispiness of them. They were fried very well. Good crunch every time. Though I got mild by mistake they were pretty good with descent zest. Put it this way, these mild wings were just as hot as other places supposed hot wings. The honey mustard sauce was balanced well and the best part them was that wings were at the right level of crispiness and the honey mustard coated them and made them real sticky adding to the crunch. The garlic wings were like most garlic that I have had. Not bad, not great, just there. The bbq were average as well. I was hoping for more but I did not get it.