GoodFellas Pizza

Basic Information:

Location: 1210 Mulberry St, Scranton, PA, 18504
Phone Number: (570) 961-5775
Normal Wing Price: $7.25 for a Boneless Order or $6.99 for 10 wings
Wing Night: Monday
Wing Night Price: $6.99 for boneless bottomless wings
Wing Flavors:

BBQ (original Mild), Classic Hot (Original Hot), Honey BBQ, Honey Mustard, Jack Daniels, Thai Chile, Spicy Garlic, Awesome Garlic, Hot ‘n’ Tangy Amped, Hot ‘n’ Tangy, Hot ‘n’ Tangy Death sauce

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UPDATE: Call ahead to verify the wing night as it changes frequently.

Location: 349 N. Main Ave, Scranton, PA, 18504
Phone Number: (570) -96-1-1010
Wing Night: Monday
UPDATE: Call ahead to verify the wing night as it changes frequently.
  • Goodfellas Podcast - 01/11/16

    When we said we’re going to start throwing more podcasts at you, we weren’t lying! In case you needed proof, this very post contains a brand new podcast. Scroll down a bit to check out our podcast review of Goodfellas.

    It seems like Goodfellas is always changing up their wing night special. On this visit, we got to take down $6.99 bottomless boneless wing bites. Nothing quite beats the option to eat as many wings in as many flavors as you can. We will warn you though, be sure to call ahead for the wing special to see if it’s still the same.

    If you want to read all about our previous visit, head over to the Goodfellas Review Page to check it out.

    GoodFellas Pizza - 01/11/16

  • First Visit to Goodfellas - 05/20/13

    Overall Rating: 50

    Lynch Serniak

    Lynch's Rating: 26 out of 50

    Environment: 7

    I’ve passed Goodfellas countless times and ordered so much food from the place, but I was never actually inside it. We went to the Mulberry Street Location (there are two). This is right next to the University of Scranton, so I was expecting a busy, college crowd. I was very surprised to see how empty the place was when we first sat down. It is a large place, with a long bar and plenty of open floor and seating. There’s a pool table, darts, and some arcade games. It seemed there was a waitress going to some of the other tables, but we ended up going up to the bar to place our order. After placing our orders, we learned that there was a quiz night that night, so we had to leave our seating area by 10. Luckily, the wings came out pretty fast and we shoveled them in and left well before ten. The whole ordering to finishing eating process was very fast. As we were finishing up, that’s when the college crowd started to herd themselves in. The place got really crowded right before quiz night started. There were plenty of Natty Lights. All in all, it is a pretty cool place for food. Very laid back atmosphere with friendly people. The menu is massive (in regards to literal size and number of options).

    Wing Size: 2

    I was a little skeptical on these wings prior to our outing. I saw that they were $0.35 a wing, but they were boneless. I thought maybe these could be those giant boneless chicken wings that you buy from the grocery store, or they could be those very small bites. Well, they were the smaller bites. It is a low price, but they are very small bites. I’d say it’s comparable to the size of a quarter but not as thin, obviously. Although wing chips are starting to sound like an awesome idea.

    Wing Flavors: 5

    There is an interesting assortment here, but a lot of the variety is a play on the same flavor, just hotter. Any place that has Thai Chile is pretty cool in my book, though.

    Wing Taste (x2): 6

    You can place an order for any number of wings that you want, which was pretty awesome. I got Hot, Amped Hot n Tangy, Thai Chile, and Spicy Garlic. All the wings I ordered were super spicy. I was near nose run level. The Hot had a nice hot wing sauce taste, but nothing mind blowing. Amped Hot and Tangy were very spicy, but had a solid taste to them. I was a fan of the Thai Chile. It was another spicy wing with a slight hint of sweetness. Spicy garlic were only decent. It was basically a salty Hot to me. You couldn’t taste too much of the garlic here. I also tried some of the Jack Daniels. Whenever you get a chance at a Jack Daniels sauce, go for it. These were great – A sweet, molasses-like sauce. The awesome garlic were interesting too. They had a whitish sauce on it, which provided a great taste.

    Serniak's Rating: 24 out of 50

    Environment: 5

    The scene at Goodfellas is one of a college bar. That cannot be argued. There isn’t anything wrong with that but if you have more than one Natural Light special throughout the week than you are not going to bring anyone who isn’t in college unless you are the Wingmen. Overall the mood was fine. There is a long bar, a pool table and booths and tables. If you go for wing night which is Monday then get there before 10 because that is when they have their quiz night and the use the tables and booth area for that and if you’re not playing they will ask you to move elsewhere. There wasn’t really a server to take our order. After sitting there for a 10 minutes, we just ordered our food up at the bar. Don’t get weirded-out that you probably the oldest person in the place at the old age of 26.

    Wing Size: 1

    That’s right, I gave it a 1. We knew it was their wing night and they are 35 cents a wing, which sounds great. But what we didn’t know is that it wasn’t wings we were getting it was wing bites. So it was 35 cents for each wing bite. So I thought I was getting 20 wings but instead they came out with 20 bites. 5 pieces of chicken on each little plate was what it was. In my estimation, each plate had about 2 and a half to maybe 3 actual wings them. That means I got 10-12 real wings. Needless to say, I left hungry.

    Wing Flavors: 6

    They have 11 flavors to choose from and they are bbq, classic hot, honey bbq, honey mustard, Jack Daniels, Thai chile, spicy garlic, awesome garlic, hot n’ tangy amped, hot n’ tangy, hot n’ tangy death sauce. I would have rated it higher but when I think of the flavors they do have, some flavors are simply just extensions with a slight variation from other sauces.

    Wing Taste (x2): 6

    I ordered classic, awesome garlic, Thai chile and hot n’ tangy. Though they were just bites, the flavors were alright. Classic hot actually were hot. They had a solid spice them. Awesome garlic was not like a butter garlic sauce but more like of a creamy garlic sauce. I actually thought it was going to taste more garlic than cream sauce but it didn’t. I was a bit let down with this one. Also with the Thai chile, the spices were there but the flavor was bland. The best was the hot n’ tangy. You can easily taste the tanginess to it but the heat that was instilled in the sauce was very apparent. I took some sips of water after each bite of my bites.