JoJo’s at the Donkey

Basic Information:

Location: 602 Grace St, Scranton, PA, 18509
Phone Number: (570) 348-0506
Normal Wing Price: $8.50 for 10
Wing Nights: Monday, Wednesday
Wing Night Price: 45 cents
Wing Flavors:

x-mild, mild, hot, x-hot, hot as bawls, hot garlic, hot garlic parm, butter garlic parm, bbq, bbq rub, tangy mustard bbq, pineapple sesame, teriyaki, garlic ranch rub, porketta, thai chili

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  • JoJo’s at the Donkey - 11/11/19

    Overall Rating: 71

    Lynch Serniak

    Lynch's Rating: 33 out of 50

    Environment: 7

    Jojo’s has taken the place of Jason’s, which previously took the place of the Donkey in Scranton. Instead of going with the name “Jojo’s at Jason’s at the Donkey”, they simply went with Jojo’s at the Donkey. I think this is based on the idea that The Donkey was a well-known wing establishment in the past. Per Serniak (so take it with a grain of salt), The Donkey was right up there with Kelly’s and the Windsor as some of the best wings in the area. If you’ve been to Jason’s or The Donkey in the past, then you’ll know exactly what to expect with Jojo’s. The place hasn’t really changed much over the years. It’s got the same large, rectangular bar as soon as you enter with a decent amount of bar height tables for eating within the main bar section of Jojo’s. One area I haven’t explored is the sit-down section in the back that contains a number of sit-down tables. I guess that is more for family dining. It also looked like there were some games back there such as darts and a golfing type of game. The bar was scattered with a few people when we went, which was on Veteran’s day, so that may have played a factor for the smaller crowd. Plus we planned an visit early in the evening, so it may have gotten busier as the night went on. There was a pug-like dog hanging out the whole evening while we were there. People weren’t surprised by this, so I imagine the dog is a regular. Since it wasn’t super crowded, we got our order taken pretty quickly. The wings did take a bit longer than I expected, but this may be due to the large amount of sauce variety we got. All-in-all, it was a pretty quick in-and-out visit to Jojo’s.

    Wing Size: 8

    One noticeable change for Jojo’s from both Jason’s and the Donkey is the size of the wings. One thing that always stuck out to me about our previous visits at the prior establishments was how small the wings were. Jojo’s has definitely stepped up the game when it comes to wing size. And for 45 cents a wing, that’s hard to beat. They also allow orders of 5, so you know Serniak and I were taking full advantage of the variety.

    Wing Flavors: 6

    I feel like the wing flavors for Jojo’s has been a staple of the location throughout the various owners. There’s not a huge variety, but there are some interesting flavors that called out to me, such as the Porketta and Pineapple Sesame. While the Pineapple Sesame did call out to me, I was torn between that and the Teriyaki, since I categorize them in the same bin, so ultimately, I decided to go with the Teriyaki since I’m such a sucker for a good Teriyaki sauce.

    Wing Taste (x2): 6

    We both ordered five wings each in four different sauces, which arrived in their own basket so none of the sauces mingled. The wings were a pretty meaty size with a good crispiness to them. I decided to be adventurous and ordered the x-hot. These were your traditional, red buffalo sauce with an amped up peppery flavor. While they did have a lot of heat, they were by no means unbearable. The hot garlic parm had a good hot sauce base with an enjoyable parm flavor. There was maybe the slightest hint of garlic, but I really had to search for it. The Teriyaki at Jojo’s was a sticky, thicker brown sauce that had the sweetness up front followed by a nice saltiness. If you enjoy Teriyaki, I’m sure these wings will hit you the right way. Finally, I ordered the Porketta. The Porketta is a dry rub that mixes all the flavorings that you include in a traditional porketta. For the most part, these wings were mostly fried chicken wings with a hint of Porketta seasoning. Every once and a while, I would get a nice bite with a good pocket of seasoning, but it was not consistent.

    Serniak's Rating: 38 out of 50

    Environment: 8

    Jo Jo’s at the Donkey, which used to be Jason’s, which used to be The Donkey has the plot section of Scranton all to themselves now that the Parker House is gone. I’m not sure if the owners of the old Donkey are now involved with Jo Jo’s. Perhaps, they have rights to the name. Who knows? I will say that Jo Jo’s was a solid place that’s worth your time if you’re looking for good wings, a bottle of suds and a nice area to watch a game? Plenty of TVs for that. Also, did I mention that there was a dog there? I’m sure I did, but in case I didn’t, there was a dog there. Instant points for that. Now, I wouldn’t go right ahead and bring in your dog, but they at the very least let one good boy in. It could be one of the owners. Either way, dogs are cool and are even cooler when they’re at a bar.

    We sat at one of the surrounding tables of the bar area. Our server also doubled as the bartender so we had to walk up to the bar to put in our order. Some might mind that, but I like sometimes to control my own ordering destiny. There’s a dining area past the bar if you have large groups.

    Wing Size: 8

    At Jo Jo’s, you get a classic 2fer because they have wing night on both Monday and Wednesday. And, you get a classic price of 45 cents per wing on wing night. The size of the wings were fine. I feel you can get your typical amount and be alright.

    Wing Flavors: 8

    17 flavors are what you get at Jo Jo’s. That’s a really good amount and they have some unique ones such as Jamaican Jerk, Pineapple sesame, and porketta. They have all the regular ones that you see everywhere as well. I think there’s plenty of room to incorporate ranch with their flavors. Using ranch can add a few more flavors and that’s always a good thing.

    Wing Taste (x2): 7

    I got my standard 20 and I was able to split them in orders of 5s. First I got were their hot. These were exactly like classic Buffalo wings that you would get back in the day. Hot sauce cut with butter. Nothing fancy, but very effective. Next was porketta. They were naturally a dry rub that I thought could have had more seasonings. It’s a real dance with dry rubs. You very easily can over or under season them. These were a tad underseasoned. They needed a little bit more. On to the tangy mustard BBQ. These were excellent. The mustard blended with the sweetness of the BBQ sauce and they had a smokiness to them that I wasn’t expecting. Finally, the butter garlic parm was on-point. This sauce was an actual sauce. I figured it was just going to be butter and garlic with parm added on top. That wasn’t the case. Instead, the butter/garlic was turned into an almost gravy type consistency. For me, these were the wing to get.