Mountaintop Pub & Eatery

Basic Information:

Location: 371 S Mountain Blvd, Mountain Top, PA, 18707
Phone Number: (570) 899-8912
Normal Wing Price: According to menu - Market Price
Wing Night: Thursday
Wing Night Price: 65 cents a wing
Wing Flavors:

All wings can be prepared in two different styles: Pub Style and Naked Style

BBQ, Hawaiian BBQ, Boom Boom, Butter Garlic, Cajun, Cajun Boom Boom Ranch, Cajun Ranch, Cajun Dry Rub, Garlic Parmesan, Hillbilly, Hot, Hot Butter Garlic, Hot Cajun Ranch, Hot Honey, Hot Honey BBQ, House Blend, Inferno, Melly, Mild, Old Bay Dry Rub, Thai Chili, and Weekly Specials

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  • The Wing Men trek to Mountain Top Pub and Eatery - 05/25/23

    Overall Rating: 83

    Lynch Serniak

    Lynch's Rating: 43 out of 50

    Environment: 9

    Mountaintop Pub and Eatery is a place we’ve been keeping an eye on as it has been popping up on our Facebook feeds from fellow wing lovers. We finally decided to take the drive and experience the wings first hand. The place is much larger inside than I expected. It houses a very big oval bar, a good amount of seating, and lots of activities to keep you busy, such as slot machines, pool tables, and dart boards. Our waitress was awesome and provided lots of details without us asking. For example, she explained it opened within the last year. She also explained they try to keep it local with ingredients and other offerings, including a decent craft beer selection. Our waitress also explained some of the wing sauces that aren’t apparent based on their name (I’ll call them out in the flavors section). The wings did take a while to come out, but we did order a bunch, plus I imagine a good amount of the crowd ordered the same thing. They only accept cash on their specials, such as wings on their wing night, although our waitress hinted that they could be lenient on that rule. I’ll reiterate that our waitress was super nice, so your mileage may vary.

    Wing Size: 8

    Mountaintop Pub and Eatery offers a Thursday wing night. On wing night, wings are 65 cents each and they offer in orders of 6. For the most part, the wings are pretty large. There are some smaller ones in the mix occasionally, but you will be perfectly fine if you order your typical amount.

    Wing Flavors: 10

    I was very impressed by the selection of flavors on the menu. They provide a lot of your usual mixes in addition to a good variety of some flavors outside the box. They have some interesting names for some wings, but our waitress was kind enough to explain what they were a mix of. The Hillbilly is a mix of ranch, BBQ, and Hot. The House is a Thai Chili Ranch. The Melly is a mix of mild, garlic, and bleu cheese. Be sure to check out their specials board or ask your waitress if they have any special sauces because they do offer weekly features. Additionally, they allow mixing of any flavor on the menu. Finally, they offer their base wings in two different styles: Pub Style and Naked. Naked is what you get at most other places. Pub Style has is a southern blend of flour and spices. With all those options, I think they are very deserving of the 10.

    Wing Taste (x2): 8

    As mentioned before, you must order in batches of 6, so I ordered 3 different sauces for a total of 18 wings. I ordered the Hot Cajun Ranch in the Naked style. They contained a nice mix of ranch and hot sauce, with the Cajun spice adding a great flavor. These wings were tasty, and I was a fan of the orange hue of the sauce. I also ordered the regular Hot in the Pub style. I really enjoyed the southern spice blend in the pub style, plus the Hot sauce base really brought these wings to another level. These wings were my favorite of the bunch. Finally, I ordered the House Blend in the Naked Style. These wings contained lots of garlic with a hint of the thai chili. I was expecting a stickier sauce with the thai chili mix, but these didn’t contain your typical sticky thai chili sauce. They were definitely more of a garlic sauce. The hot came through the more I had of the wing. Overall, I was happy with my selection and will consider another trek in the future to try some of the other options.

    Serniak's Rating: 40 out of 50

    Environment: 9

    This relatively new establishment, which is located in Mountain Top in case you didn’t realize, has created a minor buzz in the NEPA wing world. I first saw this place on Facebook. Let me tell you, those wing-dedicated places for NEPA and PA are quite helpful. Tons of folks kept posting about Mt. Top Pub and Eatery so I just knew we had to get them on the tour.

    The place itself is a fairly large place that has several different eating areas. You have the bar area that has tables around it and there are also about 2-3 side eating areas as well.

    Upon entering the Mt. Top Pub and Eatery you’ll see their large neon-like weekly lineup board. That really caught my eye. It was just a lovely visual breakdown of every day and what special was happening on it. Smart.

    I get it’s only a year old but the joint is very clean and has multiple TVs if you’re looking to catch a ball game or possibly even Canadian Parliament.

    Our server was top-notch. She explained everything in detail about the different wing sauces and how most if not all their supplies are from local farms. That was cool of her to let us know that.

    Wing Size: 8

    Wing night is on Thursdays and wings are 65 cents a piece. Pretty good given the state of the nation in regards to price and all that. The wings themselves are large and have a high MPB(meat per bite).

    On wing night, you can order in orders of 6 meaning it gives you a really good opportunity to get multiple flavors of wings. You can also combine flavors the possibilities are seemingly endless.


    Wing Flavors: 9

    21 flavors is a really good amount of flavors. Not only are there 21 flavors but in those 21 flavors are some really unique flavors in there. Flavors such as hillbilly and smelly always catch my eye. I’m the kind of guy that if you put some regular type words as your wing flavor, I am going to inquire and I am probably going to get them.

    Another aspect of the flavors here is that on the menu they have Pub style wings and then Naked style. Pub style means that they are seasoned in their southern blend of flour and spices and sauce is on the side. Naked, naturally, means there isn’t any seasoning on them and the sauce is coating them. Just something to look out for.

    Wing Taste (x2): 7

    I got 3 flavors at Mountain Top Pub and Eatery. The wings were cooked well in terms of crispiness given the size that they are.

    First I had the Melly which is their mild garlic ranch. Again, you can simply say mild garlic ranch on the menu or you can give it a mysterious name like Melly thus making me all in on it. The Melly sauce was represented well. They could have used more mild sauce in there but they were really solid.

    Next, I concocted an old bay dry rub along with butter garlic. I was a little disappointed with these. There simply wasn’t enough old bay seasoning or garlic on them. Believe it or not, this is a flavor that some places have and weirdly enough it is a flavor that has a high rate of underachieving. I don’t know if issues come from how the wings are tossed with both the butter and old bay seasoning or what but many places have issues with this design and it’s a shame because I love both flavors and when they come together it’s terrific.

    Finally, I had the cajun boom boom. The words Cajun and boom boom are wonderful words and they are equally better flavors. I love everything Cajun and boom boom sauce is a sauce that is on the rise. The spice notes from the Cajun and then the creaminess zing of the boom boom is a can’t-miss combo. There was a very good balance with this sauce. I highly recommend them.