Basic Information:

Location: 6 Radcliffe Dr, Moosic, PA, 18507
Phone Number: (570) 961-2250
Normal Wing Price: $7.99 per order of Boneless or Bone-in
Wing Night Price: None
Wing Flavors:

Mild, Hot, Hot Bleu, Barbeque, Crown Apple Kick, Mild Caesar Parm, Peach Bourbon BBQ, Hot Honey Garlic, Cajun Cool Ranch (Dry Rub)

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  • First Time to Nonno’s - 08/30/18

    Overall Rating: 71

    Lynch Serniak

    Lynch's Rating: 37 out of 50

    Environment: 9

    For the past three years, Nonno’s has won the Best Boneless category at Wing at the Waterpark. Every year this happens, we say we should check them out. Every year, we don’t. Well, that has officially changed. We finally made a trip up to Nonno’s to try their wings. Nonno’s is an Italian restaurant with a large menu, which includes a decent selection of bar food. If you visit Nonno’s on a nice night, definitely sit outside if you could. It has an awesome view of the mountains and the Rail Riders baseball field. Plus, it’s covered, so you don’t have to worry about rain. It wasn’t busy when we arrived, but it definitely started to get packed as it got darker. Even if the outside does fill up, there is still plenty of dining space inside and a small bar area when you enter. Nonno’s was also surprisingly well-stocked with craft beer and cans, so if you’re into that sort of thing, you’ll have plenty of options. The service was pretty fast as well. We got our orders taken, received food, and paid our bills in no time at all.

    Wing Size: 8

    One of the main reasons we never visited Nonno’s in the past was because they did not offer a wing night, which, if you’ve followed us for a while, is pretty much the only time we visit a place. While Nonno’s still doesn’t offer a wing night, we are starting to move away from the rule. Nonno’s offers boneless and bone-in wing for $7.99 an order. You get 10 decently sized bone-in wings (I’m sure Serniak will elaborate on this more) or a real hefty amount of boneless wings in an order. It’s hard to quantify boneless wings, but I want to guess it was about a pound. I’ll just say I struggled to eat even half of my two orders. So, even though Nonno’s doesn’t have a wing night, you’re still getting plenty of food for the price, especially the boneless wings.

    Wing Flavors: 6

    Nonno’s doesn’t have that many wing options, but they get a couple extra points for having some unique sauces that you don’t really see anywhere else. Outside of the usuals like Mild, Hot, and Barbeque, Nonno’s offers a Crown Apple Kick, Peach Bourbon BBQ, and Cajun Cool Ranch Dry rub. While I’d love to see a weekly, featured flavor for experimental sauces, you can at least find something a little different if you’d like.

    Wing Taste (x2): 7

    For my order, I got the traditional Hot and the Hot Caesar Parm boneless bites. The Hot was pretty much what you’d expect with just a little more spice than you’re probably used to. There was a strong Cayenne pepper taste with a good level of spice. The Hot Caesar Parm had the same red color as the Hot with a good dose of grated parmesan cheese, a slight hint of garlic, and a sprinkling of a green herb on top (likely basil or parsley). The Parmesan cheese seemed to mellow out the heat of the Hot sauce a bit, so I think these are more of an everyman type of wing. I forget if Serniak ordered Cajun Cool Ranch, but my other friend ordered some on this visit and I think they were favorite of the bunch. The Cajun and Cool Ranch flavor is delicious. The dry rub produced a pretty crispy wing bite with tons of great flavor. To that point, all the bites were pretty large with a slightly crispy outside. I felt as though some of the bites were a bit more on the drier side than I would have liked, though.

    Serniak's Rating: 34 out of 50

    Environment: 8

    Finally, we visited Nonno’s. The grand champion for wing bites due to winning that category at the Wings At The Water Park have been hovering over PNC Field for years and now we go there. Bout time amiright? If you want to say that the NEPA Wingmen at times have difficulty getting out to some places, go for it. We went to Nonno’s so back off.

    Anyways, Nonno’s was a really nice place. Like, it was beautiful inside. I knew it was an Italian restaurant so I figured it was going to nice, but Nonno’s was really darn pretty. Needless to say it was very clean, had several places to dine at and wasn’t over the top with trying to be an Italian restaurant. It was like Olive Garden if Olive Garden tried to be real good. They had outside seating that has PNC Field in the backdrop. The outside area was very nice and was covered by a ton of plants. That was a nice touch. Our server was very nice and helped us with everything we needed whenever we needed it.

    Wing Size: 6

    Sadly, there is no wing night at Nonno’s. Maybe it’s because their bag is that they’re an Italian restaurant. Who knows? It’s no secret that we much prefer wing nights, but we’ve broken that one rule a few months and no head out to places that don’t trot out wing nights. So, the everyday price for boneless or bone-in wings is $8. For bone-in wings, it’s $8 for 10 and as for the award winning award boneless wings, it’s $8 for a huge portion of boneless wings. They don’t say whether it’s a LB for boneless wings but Lynch got them and they were very generous with how many they gave you. The bone-in wings were a pretty large size. You can you get your typical amount and you’ll get full. Also, you can’t split orders into orders of 5. Wish you could, but you can’t.

    Wing Flavors: 6

    Nonno’s has 9 total flavors which includes your regular ones that you see everywhere. But, they also have 3 flavors that are quite unique. Those flavors are Crown Apple Kick, peach bourbon bbq and Cajun cool ranch dry rub. I like the creativity with those flavors, but only having 9 flavors with 3 unique just isn’t going to get you a higher score. Like I said, I think they’re first an Italian restaurant, so the fact they care this much about their wings is fantastic to see. If Nonno’s wants to get more involved with their wing game, then I suggest adding more flavors, such as anything with ranch. Or, if they’re cool with where they’re at, that seems to be working for them as well.

    Wing Taste (x2): 7

    I went against the grain and got the bone-in wings. I realize they’ve won the boneless category the last few years, but Lynch got them so I wanted to check out the bone-in. It was my choice and I stand by it. First I got the crown apple kick. They were presented with actual apple slices surrounding the wings. It looked really nice and elegant. The sauce was drizzled all over the wings and the apples. You could taste the appleness in every bite which was followed up with a slight kick. Could have used more kick but they were still good. I recommend to get the full effect of the wing is to take a bite of the wing including a slice of the apple. That was the big difference for me with this flavor. That and the fact that crown apple liquor was in it the sauce. The other flavor I got was cool ranch dry rub. I’ve had this flavor in boneless form at the wing fest a month ago and it was really good then. The cool ranch dry rub on the bone-in was equally tremendous. This dry rub had the cool ranch flavor you want from any bag of Doritios. Does a solid job of replicating it. I recommend them all day.