O-Town Craft House

Basic Information:

Location: 400 Lackawanna Ave, Olyphant, PA, 18447
Phone Number: (570) 483-4429
Normal Wing Price: $8.95 for stuffed wings, $7.95 for regular wings
Wing Night: Tuesday
Wing Night Price: $6 for 6 stuffed wings, $6 for 10 regular wings
Wing Flavors:

Regular Wings – Mild, Hot, Inferno, Honey Garlic, Bourbon, Sriracha / Dry Rubs – Buffalo, BBQ, Cajun, Ranch, Chipotle

Stuffed Wings – Cajun (with cheddar cheese, jalapeños, crumbled bacon, and herb cream cheese), Cheddar Bacon Mac N Cheese

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  • O-Town Podcast - 03/15/16

    We ate some wings!

    O-Town Craft House - 03/15/16

  • O-Town Craft House - 09/09/15

    Overall Rating: 83

    Lynch Serniak

    Lynch's Rating: 42 out of 50

    Environment: 8

    There have been a number of places at 400 Lackawanna Ave in Olyphant over the years. At one time, it was Molly Maguire’s. After that was Station Square. Now O-Town Craft House is taking up residence. I hope they stick around because I was a huge fan of our visit. The large dining area was filled so we made our way to the long bar, which had plenty of seating. There is some outdoor seating if you’re into that sort of thing. Our bartender was extremely nice, friendly, and willing to joke around with us. While you wait for your food, O-Town provides popcorn topped with a sort of Sriracha aioli. It’s a smart, little touch that makes them stand out. Additionally, they have a great craft beer selection, which is never a bad thing in my book. Even though O-Town offers a cheaper price on their stuffed wings on Tuesday, they do not have an official wing night. We were told they will be changing the specials soon and expect to have offer a wing night on their regular wings. Heck, by the time you’re reading this, it may already be happening, so definitely check O-Town Craft House out!

    Wing Size: 8

    The regular wings at O-Town are plenty big. The stuffed wings are absolutely massive. They take a normal chicken wing, place a bunch of fantastic filling around it, and then dip it in batter before deep-frying it. They only give you six stuffed wings in an order, but that should be more than enough to fill your belly.

    Wing Flavors: 8

    O-Town gives you a smorgasbord of wing options. The wet sauces range from Hot to Bourbon to Sriracha. They also have varying flavors of dry rubs, such as Buffalo, BBQ, and Chipotle. Finally, in one of the most unique options in the wing world, O-Town offers stuffed wings. The two flavors offered currently are Bacon Mac n Cheese Stuffed wings and Cajun Stuffed Wings.

    Wing Taste (x2): 9

    We were mainly focused on the stuffed wings on this visit. I ordered the Cajun Stuffed Wings. They are filled with cheddar cheese, jalapenos, crumbled bacon, and herbed cream cheese. It’s like a Jalapeno Popper in a wing! The flavors work extremely well together to make a delicious wing. I expected the batter that holds everything in place to be a greasy casing, but even the batter had some good spice without being overwhelming. Of course, we had to get an order of regular Hot wings to see what they can bring to the table, too. These are not your traditional buffalo wings. It’s a thicker sauce with a lot of seasoning and great taste. I prefer a well-seasoned Hot wing and these did not disappoint. I can’t wait for O-Town to have a traditional wing night so we can revisit and try more of the wet sauces and dry rubs.

    Serniak's Rating: 41 out of 50

    Environment: 8

    The new kids on the block in the wing world are O-Town Craft House out of the streets of Olyphant. For only being around a handful of months, O-Town has already stirred up a bit of a buzz in the area for their ever growing craft beer selection and for their stuffed wings, which is an idea that is completely next level. O-Town is a pub that allows you to eat indoors or outside, which is always nice. The place is also super clean and has a wait staff that is engaging and informative about everything they offer. Our server/bartender was insightful and kept up with our banter, which can be a chore at times.

    Wing Size: 8

    The only wing night O-Town has is stuffed wings which are a two dollars off on Tuesdays. That makes them 6.95 for six. They are absolutely massive. I’m actually surprised smaller objects weren’t revolving around them. The regular wings were pretty big as well. They were 6.95 for an order.

    Wing Flavors: 9

    Effort, uniqueness and creativity are why O-Town earns a high grade for their wing flavors. They have 13 total flavors, which is a solid amount. But then they completely change the game with something we’ve never seen or heard of and that’s their stuffed wings. Yes, it’s true they figured out a way to enhance your wing consuming enjoyment and that’s by going where no one I know has gone before. They dared to be great and their stuffed wings are certainly that. They come in two flavors, Cajun and cheddar bacon. They also have a bourbon and sriracha regular style wing and chipotle and ranch dry rubs.

    Wing Taste (x2): 8

    The O-Town’s regular hot wings are stellar. First off, they are cooked to a near perfect crispiness for wings that large. Secondly, their house sauce is jam packed with spices. The sauce, to me, seems to be abundant with peppers. Perhaps it’s infused with whole red and green peppers. It’s the type of sauce you only get at a few places, and when I encounter it, I always enjoy it. Now the stuffed wings I got were the cheddar bacon mac and cheese. They’ve discovered a way to get all of that stuffed into a wing. Trust me, stop trying to understand how this happens and go on with your life. It’s a game changer and that’s all you need to know. You take a bite and all you see is bacon and mac, all up in your business. Mixed with the swell cooked chicken and you’re in a type of heaven where everything is stuffed.