Primanti Bros

Basic Information:

Location: 1249 Commerce Blvd, Dickson City, PA, 18519
Phone Number: (570) 230-7811
Normal Wing Price: $9.95 for 10 Bone-in, $6.99 for 8 Boneless
Wing Nights: Monday, Sunday
Wing Night Price: 51 cents
Wing Flavors:

Garlic Parmesan, Honey BBQ, Honey Mustard, Smokey BBQ, Sweet Heat, Honey Buffalo, Authentic Buffalo, Hot Ranch, Spicy Garlic, XX Hot

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  • Primanti Bros. - 04/03/16

    Overall Rating: 75

    Lynch Serniak

    Lynch's Rating: 38 out of 50

    Environment: 8

    Primanti Bros., a Pittsburgh-based business known for their unique sandwiches, recently set up shop in Dickson City. Of course, The Wing Men needed to check it out. We were lucky enough to attend an opening event in early March, but our most recent trip was all business. First of all, there are multiple Primanti Bros. popping up across Pennsylvania and surrounding states. Not all of them offer hot wings. This location was smart in recognizing that NEPA is the self-proclaimed (by me) Wing Capital of the world. Upon entering, you will be looking straight ahead to a large, square bar that offers unique mixed drinks and a nice craft and domestic beer selection. To the right of the entrance is a traditional restaurant area with booths and tables. The left section is a small patio area with a small fireplace and high tables. This section has large windows that open in the summer. It is a very clean, modern place to check out. Just a warning, you may struggle to get a table at any time since it is so new. Hopefully, this rush will subside in the future. Our service was pretty good, too. The waitress was very fast at getting our drinks, taking our orders, and bringing out the wings. All in all, it was a great experience. It is a place definitely worth checking out, especially if you want to catch your favorite sporting event on one of their many TVs.

    Wing Size: 7

    Primanti Bros. offers 51 cent bone-in wings on Sunday and 51 cent boneless wings on Monday. We prefer our bones, so we went on Sunday. The wings are pretty large. Additionally, they put a light breading around the wings, which makes for bigger and more filling wings. You will not leave disappointed if you order your normal amount.

    Wing Flavors: 7

    Primanti Bros. doesn’t offer the biggest selection around, but they definitely have a good variety of options. Most of your classics are there with Authentic Buffalo and Honey Mustard. They also throw in some sure-fire hits in the form of Hot Ranch and Sweet Heat. You’re bound to find something that will catch your fancy.

    Wing Taste (x2): 8

    I was pleasantly surprised at the taste of the wings at Primanti Bros. All the wings are prepared with a slight breading that adds a great crispiness to the wing without overwhelming the wing itself. The Sweet Heat reminds me of a Thai Chili sauce. It is a sticky sauce with bits of chili pepper mixed in. The sweetness is well balanced with a nice hit of spice. It was absolutely drenched in sauce, which I am a huge fan of. The Authentic Buffalo had a very slight hint of sweet followed by a delicious peppery taste that you expect in a Buffalo wing sauce. Finally, I had the Hot Ranch, which is a class go-to for me. The wing had a thin layer of sauce, almost like a dry rub. I really enjoyed these wings. The ranch mixed well with the breading, almost like KFC original recipe chicken. Primanti Bros. makes it their own way though, making it a unique taste that you’re bound to enjoy.

    Serniak's Rating: 37 out of 50

    Environment: 8

    Finally, Primanti Bros has arrived to Dickson City. Honestly, I haven’t seen anticipation for a place arriving to an area since Sheetz hit the Dunmore 15 years ago. People were really jazzed for this and when I heard they had wings and wing night I was on board and wanted to test the hype. Primanti Bros. began in Pittsburgh and has grown to many locations throughout the country. The place is a very nice place. Uber clean and just has that feeling of a professional bar. Many taps, several areas to sit and an outside spot for those summer days where you’re down looking to throw a few back while staring at people enter a certain steakhouse from the lone star state that can’t have as fun as you. Our sever was kind and was steady with checking up on us but she didn’t over do it, which is the way to go.

    Wing Size: 6

    Pretty good size of wings here. They also go the not so ventured route of breading their wings. You don’t see that to often but I was thought they did real good job with it. Their wing night is on Sunday, which is another thing you don’t run into often. I think that’s another smart choice. Cornering that Sunday wing night crowd can pay off later. I didn’t love the gimmick of having their wings at 51 cents. I’m just not a guy who likes a place to intentionally be different. Primanti Bros. don’t have to try that hard. Just make solid food and churn out those wings and sandwiches and leave the shtick for the beginners.

    Wing Flavors: 7

    They have 8 Flavors to choose from. You’d love for them to have more, but for a place that’s a chain restaurant that isn’t a place specifically designed for wing consumption, you can’t be that surprised unless you’re surprised. In that case, okay, go ahead and be surprised. It’s your call. They do have some interesting flavors, which is is why I gave them a 6 and not something lower. They have garlic parm, sweet heat, XX hot, buffalo, honey bbq, hot ranch, spicy ranch and honey buffalo. They could of mailed it in and have you the standards and just called it a day, but they give you good variety of taste.

    Wing Taste (x2): 8

    I didn’t have high expectations coming into Primnati Bros based solely on them being a chain. When you think of chain restaurant wings, you’ll never think to yourself “oh man, those are going to be great” unless you’re some type of weirdo who’s never been to your corner bar for wings. But Primanti came out and really did quality work. Like I said, they put breading on their wings and fortunately for you, they don’t over do it with the breading. It’s the right amount that doesn’t give you the opportunity fill up on just breading. There’s a lot of meat under it. The first flavor I got was the hot ranch. A classic and one that’s hard to screw up. Primanti did it justice with their authentic buffalo mixed with the coolness of ranch. There was a lot of flavor with this one. Next was the garlic parm. What I liked about this one was that it wasn’t mixed with buffalo sauce, which happens more than I like it to. Sometimes I just want garlic and Parmesan cheese without it being drowned by hot sauce. These were real good because there wasn’t any sauce meaning the wings were extra crispy. And with the breading the way it was, everything came together beautifully. Finally, I got the spicy ranch. These were solid. These had a little bit different sauce compared to the hot ranch. The sauce was bit thinner. They had the spice and the ranch did its job with with mellowing out the spiciness. Good stuff all the way around.