Sanderson St. Tavern

Basic Information:

Location: 655 Sanderson St, Throop, PA, 18512
Phone Number: (570) 382-3493
Normal Wing Price: $6.75 for 10 wings
Wing Night: Wednesday
Wing Night Price: 40 cents
Wing Flavors:

Cajun BBQ (featured), Bloody Mary, Porketta (not on menu), Mild, Hot, Barbeque, Dr. Pepper Barbeque, Hot Dr. Pepper Barbeque, Caesar, Steakhouse, Jamaican Jerk, Honey Mustard, Sweet & Spicy Mango Habanero, Mild Honey Garlic, Hot Honey Garlic, Mild Garlic Parmesan, Hot Garlic Parmesan, Vinegar & Old Bay, Taco, Lemon Pepper, Ranch

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  • Sanderson St. Tavern 3rd Visit - 10/21/15

    Overall Rating: 75

    Lynch Serniak

    Lynch's Rating: 37 out of 50

    Environment: 9

    Sanderson Street Tavern is appropriately located along Sanderson St. in Throop. The place features plenty of floor space with a nice, long bar and some sit-down tables in a back area for a more cozy dining experience. Opened just under two years ago, Sanderson Street has a very clean and modern look to it. We sat at the bar and had great service. In fact, we sat down, ordered our food, ate, and left all within about 45 minutes. It was not super busy during our visit, so that probably helped speed things along. Out bartender was friendly and was constantly checking on us. Overall, we had a great experience at Sanderson Street Tavern.

    Wing Size: 5

    Sanderson Street Tavern has their wing night on Wednesdays, offering wings at 40 cents each. It’s becoming harder and harder to find places that offer wing night prices that low. The wings themselves were nice and crispy, but a bit on the smaller side. You may want to order more than you normally would to ensure you don’t leave feeling hungry.

    Wing Flavors: 9

    The first time we went to Sanderson Street Tavern, around the time they first opened, they were lacking in the flavors department. Boy, have they grown. On top of you classic flavors, they offer some truly unique and varied options such as Vinegar & Old Bay, Dr. Pepper Barbeque, and Taco. It seems they are trying new things too because there were some flavors not on the menu like Bloody Mary and Porketta. Sanderson Street also features new flavors on wing nights. On our visit, they were serving Cajun BBQ.

    Wing Taste (x2): 7

    A lot of the flavors at Sanderson Street Tavern stood out to me, so it made it difficult to choose just four. The Steakhouse is a dry rub seasoning of something similar to Montreal Steak Seasoning. It’s such a simple idea that tastes great on a wing. The Hot Garlic Parmesan is a tasty wing that consists of garlic, parmesan cheese, and Sanderson’s Hot, which is a Sriracha-based sauce. The Vinegar & Old Bay is a dry rub wing with Old Bay seasoning and malt vinegar added. I really enjoyed the addition of the vinegar to add a bit more flavor to that Old Bay spice. Finally, the Sweet & Spicy Mango Habanero was a sweeter sauce with a hint of heat in the back. I personally could have used a bit more of that habanero spiciness in the sauce, but I think it gets the job done for the general masses.

    Serniak's Rating: 38 out of 50

    Environment: 8

    The Sanderson St. Tavern has only been in business for about a year or more, and they have continued to up their wing game. When we first went here a while back when they first opened, they only had a few wing flavors. Now they have around 20 flavors. That shows me they care about what they’re doing and that’s awesome to see. Equipped with a large bare area, with ample room, they also have an area for just tables. The place is super clean, and the whether you sit at the bar or not, you will get fine service. Our server was attentive to us and pleasant.

    Wing Size: 8

    They aren’t the largest wings that you will ever encounter, so I suggest you order 1 more order of 5 from your usual order, just to be safe. But, they get and 8 because their wing night price is 40 cents, which is under the average. That may not mean a lot to the old timers who remember the days when wings used to be 10 cents on wing nights. Well wake up, those days are over, Sega Dreamcast didn’t make it, Clinton is out of office (for now)and everything has risen in price including wings. Deal with it.

    Wing Flavors: 8

    Like I said, Sanderson St. has really upped their wing game. Not only do they have upwards to 20 flavors, they also have a very unique flavor list. Flavors like Dr. Pepper bbq, lemon pepper, porketta, sweet habanero and taco really makes this flavor list pop out at me. Also, their regular hot sauce is made with sriracha sauce, something I really appreciate not only as a flavor but also as taking a slight risk on the traditional hot sauce taste. They also have a feature sauce of the week that is not on the menu and changes every week. This week it was Cajun bbq. One thing I wish they did however was to inform me about which flavors on their menu were dry rubs and which ones weren’t. Flavors such as taco, lemon pepper, which I ordered, I thought would have been wet sauces. Not the biggest deal that they weren’t, I just would like to know what I’m getting myself into.

    Wing Taste (x2): 7

    The lemon pepper was a solid combo of exactly what you’d expect; lemon and pepper. And what was nice about this dry rub was that they didn’t overdue it with either the lemon or pepper. Just the right amount of each. Next was the porketta. This is one I’ve had at many places and the only way to really screw it up is to under season it. Fortunately, Sanderson St. Tavern know how to season a wing and didn’t happen. It was seasoned just fine. The last of the dry rubs I got was the taco. It was coated with a sufficient amount of taco seasoning that tasted fine, I just wish they would perhaps add some cheese to or maybe sour cream and salsa. Something to make it stand out. Lastly, I got the feature flavor; the Cajun bbq and it was excellent. I’m not even a big bbq sauce on wing kind of guy but when I saw the word Cajun attached to it I was very intrigued. It had the sweetness of the bbq sauce for sure. But then it had the zestyness and slight heat of the Cajun added to it that made a solid combination, one that I hope they add to their permanent menu.

  • Sanderson Street Podcast - 10/29/14

    For those in the Northeast PA region this evening, you know it was not the greatest Monday around. It’s starting to get colder and the rain was coming down all day. Well, I’m about to turn your day around because we’ve got a Wingcast for you! Check it out at the bottom of this post.

    This review, we talk about Sanderson Street Tavern located in Throop. It is a relatively new place that seems to be expanding their wing flavors. Hear all about it in the podcast. On top of that, we have a very deep, almost philosophical, discussion about the plural of ox. Yes, the plural of ox. It’s worth listening to.

    If you just want to read about our previous visit to this place, head to the Sanderson Street Tavern Review Page where we talk about our ratings.

    Sanderson St. Tavern - 10/29/14

  • Sanderson St. Tavern First Visit

    Overall Rating: 53

    Lynch Serniak

    Lynch's Rating: 25 out of 50

    Environment: 9

    As soon as you walk into Sanderson Street Tavern, which is located in the lovely city of Throop, you can tell they are a very modern joint. The place is a new restaurant in Throop, and you can tell by the interior. The place is well-lit, very clean, and decorated to appeal to a hipper, younger crowd. The main area is dedicated to a long bar with an open floor separating some bar tables on the opposite side. There is also a back room sort of area that contains a couple more sit down tables. While we were there, a lot of country music was being played. I attribute this mostly to my one friend who was there when I arrived, who loves country music. This is the extent of my ability to deduce from the obvious. The service was good and the wings came out very fast. The waitress was friendly as well. Overall, it’s a great place to hang out if you’re looking for a classier establishment.

    Wing Size: 4

    The wings were a real mixed bag here. You did get some big ones, but then other ones were smaller. It was hit or miss, and at $0.45 each, it’s not the greatest deal around.

    Wing Flavors: 4

    The flavors can essentially be boiled down to Regular, Barbecue, and garlic flavors. There is nothing outrageous here, but the addition of Dr. Pepper to Barbeque sauce is a nice little touch. Also, the Hot sauces are made with Sriracha.

    Wing Taste (x2): 4

    I was very excited to try this place out. It’s new and a lot of my friends suggested as a place to try. I was let down in the end, though. The menu states all Hot sauces are made with Sriracha, but I didn’t really get that from the wings. It may be because a lot of the wings were lacking sauce. The Hot seemed like the sauce was almost baked on the wing. There just wasn’t enough there. There was hardly any flavor either. It was like eating a plain wing with no sauce. The Hot Honey Garlic were a bit more tasty than the Hot. It added a slight sweetness to the bland hot flavor. The Hot Garlic Parmesan appeared to have freshly grated parmesan flakes on it. I liked the touch, and it did enhance the flavor of the wing. The garlic flavor was a bit lacking, though, in my opinion and with a bland Hot sauce as a base, it didn’t really help. The only shining beacon in the dark here was the Dr. Pepper Barbeque. I’m not even a huge fan of Barbeque, but maybe in comparison to the hot, it made them that much better. Even though I didn’t get much of a Dr. Pepper flavor from this wing, it still had a nice, tasty zing to it. It had a certain sweetness, like Brown sugar and a bit of a tanginess to boot. If you get a wing here, get this one.

    Serniak's Rating: 28 out of 50

    Environment: 8

    I first heard of the Sanderson St. Tavern while reading the newspaper a few weeks ago. They were featured. The picture was a good one that showed a new, interesting place to spend an evening. The Sanderson St. Tavern caters to all walks of life and to any age. When we walked in I made the comment that there people who were about 23 to people that appeared to be in their 60s. It was cool to see that. Inside the Tavern, you will notice that it has a lot of space. I would imagine that on a weekend night that it can get pretty crowded due to the fact that it is very clean inside and it also has a very large bar area. The actual bar was like 15 yards or so with tables on the outskirts of it. They also have an area where live music can be played. The atmosphere was a welcoming one. Our server was kind and gave us liberty to order and which way.

    Wing Size: 5

    For today’s average wing prices, the wing size to price was right around average. 45 cents a wing for a wing night is sadly becoming the norm. The size of the wing at Sanderson St, Tavern was average as well. Not the smallest we had but nowhere near large. You might want to order a few more if you have a big appetite.

    Wing Flavors: 5

    They have 9 flavors at the Sanderson St. Tavern, which in past reviews of other places with similar number of flavors has resulted in better scores. The reason they have better scores is that their variety of wings was better. You can get mild, hot, bbq, Dr. Pepper BBq, hot Dr. Pepper BBQ, mild honey garlic, hot honey garlic, mild honey parmesan and hot garlic parmesan. I really wish that they had more flavors and more different types of flavors. It’s like they have 3-4 flavors and then you can switch hot or mild with them, thus giving them more flavors.

    Wing Taste (x2): 5

    I ordered the hot, hot honey garlic, hot garlic parmesan and Dr. Pepper BBQ. The plain hot were strange. To me, they just didn’t really have much taste to them. It was bizarre. The hot honey garlic had a solid sweet taste from the honey and you could taste the garlic but I wish they had more garlic. The hot garlic parmesan was interesting. They actually were topped with real shredded parmesan cheese, something I have never seen before. It was a really good touch. Finally, the Dr. Pepper BBQ was the best I had there. They had the tang you would get from the BBQ sauce but also the added sweetness form the Dr. Pepper. Don’t go thinking that you are going to taste the 23 flavors of a can of Dr. Pepper, that’s not going to happen. But you will taste a well-balanced flavor that delivers.