The Angry Irishman

Basic Information:

Location: 1259 Bryn Mawr St, Scranton, PA, 18504
Phone Number: (570) 209-7472
Normal Wing Price: $8 Boneless Order
Wing Night: Thursday
Wing Night Price: $3 Boneless Order
Wing Flavors:

Mild, Buffalo, Jameson Ginger BBQ, Feature of the Week

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  • The Angry Irishman - 02/21/19

    Overall Rating: 60

    Lynch Serniak

    Lynch's Rating: 31 out of 50

    Environment: 6

    The Angry Irishman is a new place in Scranton that has been popping up a lot in my Facebook feed for their wing bites, so I figured we should take a trip to see what it was all about. The Angry Irishman took up residence in the old VaudeVille Inn location in West Scranton. Apparently, this place used to also be Villa Maria, which I only realized after driving up to the place and seeing painting on the side of the building that said as much. At the time of our visit, there was no indication that the building housed The Angry Irishman. After a quick call to the number on Facebook, they confirmed they were in the Villa Maria building and that their sign just hasn’t arrived yet. I know they only opened recently, but it seems they are still in the process of getting everything in order. I have a feeling this is also why they are only serving bottles and no draft beer yet, which I can’t confirm is even in the plans. We were some of the first people there, so we took a sit at the dimly lit bar and placed our orders. There are plenty of areas to sit in Angry Irishman, with what seemed like at least four different room to choose from. There’s the bar section, a dining areas, another sit-down section, and then what appeared to be a standing bar section with a couple dart boards. It didn’t take very long for our wings to come out, which was likely related to us opening up the place. I will say that while we were sitting there, people seemed to be slowly filing in. By the time we left, the bar section where we sat was pretty full and there were some people eating in the dining area. If you’re looking for bone-in wings, you’re out of luck at The Angry Irishman. At the time of our visit, they only offered boneless bites on the menu.

    Wing Size: 10

    On their wing night, The Angry Irishman serves their boneless bites for $3 an order. At that price, I was expecting some smaller portions, so I placed 3 orders thinking I would eat all my wings and leave satisfied. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised. Honestly, two orders would have been the right amount for me. The wings are served in metal trays, which I thought was a nice touch, and they definitely don’t skimp on the amount you get. The bites themselves are pretty large, coated in a slight breading, and filled with delicious, juicy chicken. Personally, I would have liked a slightly crispier breading, but they were still plenty tasty.

    Wing Flavors: 3

    Don’t come to The Angry Irishman expecting a wealth of flavor options. If you want just some plan buffalo wings, you’re in luck. Otherwise, your options are limited. They do offer an amped up BBQ, which they refer to as a Jameson Ginger BBQ. It also seems like they do offer weekly wing sauce features. On our visit, they had a Teriyaki option, which I was on board with. Again, they are a newer business, so maybe they’re experimenting with different wing options that will eventually make it to the menu.

    Wing Taste (x2): 6

    Since The Angry Irishman doesn’t offer many flavors, we tried almost all the options on the menu. The only one I didn’t get was Mild, which I assume is similar to the Buffalo, except, you know, milder. The Buffalo is a very traditional hot wing sauce, complete with a strong taste of cayenne similar to Frank’s Red Hot. If you like a classic Buffalo, you’ll like these wings. The Jameson Ginger BBQ was a nice, well-rounded BBQ with a nice hint of the Jameson and BBQ. I’m not crazy for BBQ sauce in general, but I felt like the additives in this sauce definitely made it better. Did this make me a BBQ man? No, but it is definitely better than a regular old BBQ. Finally, we ordered the special for the night: Teriyaki. It was a thicker, syrupy type of Teriyaki with the right amount of saltiness that I look for in this type of sauce. Honestly, I’ve never had a Teriyaki I didn’t enjoy, and this was my favorite out of the bunch at The Angry Irishman. While they didn’t revolutionize Teriyaki here, they definitely provided a highly enjoyable sauce.

    Serniak's Rating: 29 out of 50

    Environment: 7

    This is the first time that we’ve been to a place that was formerly another place that we reviewed. The Angry Irishmen is located in Scranton off Main Ave and the place occupies was formerly The Vaudeville Inn. Vaudeville Inn is out and the Angry Irishmen has taken over.

    The place looks pretty similar to what the Vaudeville Inn looked like, if you happened to go there. The bar area is right there when you walk in and it has some tables surrounding it. If you’re looking to watch games, I don’t think the Angry Irishmen is the place mainly because there aren’t a ton of TVs for that. I’m basically saying, it’s not a sports bar. It’s a corner bar type place and there’s nothing wrong with that. Those kinds of places are usually a chill night.

    Our server was nice, funny and helped us with everything we needed. There aren’t any beers on drafts. Not sure if that’s because the place is so new or what. After 6, it started to get more people in the place.

    The overall theme of the place of the Angry Irishmen is a place that caters to the working man. There are posters of Unions and people working hard all over the place. It’s definitely giving off the vibe that when you’re done with your hard day of work, putting bread on your table, that you should stop by and relax with a bottle of suds.

    Wing Size: 9

    We were here on a Thursday, which was there bite night. I feel like we’ve been on a real kick wing bites the last few weeks. At the Angry Irishmen, they have a real good deal of $3 for an order of bites. They give you a good portion of bites with each order. We’ve never seen a deal as good as $3 for one order.

    Wing Flavors: 3

    Not a large variety to pick from here. They have mild, Buffalo, Jameson ginger BBQ and they a special one that isn’t on their menu which was teriyaki. I’m hoping that because they’re new that they will be looking to expand their flavor list because I like variety. Yes, I know that’s selfish of me to want a place to do stuff they may not want to do just for me, but I’m okay with that.

    Wing Taste (x2): 5

    The wing bites at the Angry Irishmen were even Steven. They were just alright. I got the Buffalo, Jameson Ginger BBQ and Teriyaki. The Buffalo were pretty ordinary. They weren’t very hot or had any real flavor at all. The Jameson Ginger BBQ had a good amount of ginger to them. They had a sweet taste to them. The BBQ portion brought a nice sweetness to them but ultimately this flavor was sort of forgettable. Lastly, the teriyaki were exactly like teriyai wings should be. They had that nice saltiness backed up by a solid flow of ginger. This teriyaki sauce represented the flavor well.