The Court Street Tavern

Basic Information:

Location: 524 Court St, Scranton, PA, 18508
Phone Number: (570) 344-2239
Wing Night: Thursday
Wing Night Price: 45 cents
Wing Flavors:

Hot Honey Mustard, Court Street Screamer, Parmesan Peppercorn, Hot Ranch, Hot Caesar, Mild, Hot, Bar-B-Que, Honey Mustard, Mild Honey Mustard, Mild Garlic, Hot Garlic

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Wing to get: Court Street Screamer

  • Court Street Tavern Podcast - 02/12/15

    We’ve got another podcast review for you! This time, we made a second visit to Court Street Tavern. You can check out the podcast at the bottom of this post.

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    The Court Street Tavern - 02/12/15

  • First Time at Court Street - 10/30/14

    Overall Rating: 64

    Lynch Serniak

    Lynch's Rating: 32 out of 50

    Environment: 6

    The building that is now Court Street Tavern has been through a lot of changes. From what I know, it used to be known as Jilly’s. From there, it lived a short life as McMullen’s. Now, we are at Court Street Tavern, which has been open only about a month on our visit. We entered through the front and sat in the bar section, which is a big square bar with some seating around it. They have plenty of TVs if you wanted to catch the game while you take down some wings. A lot of people did walk into the place, and it seemed like they all knew each other. In fact, we were recognized early on. You know you’ve made it when you get recognized at Court Street Tavern. The place also has a dining room, upstairs area, and outdoor patio. I did not see these sections, so I cannot comment on them. The bar is very reminiscent of Jilly’s, so I imagine the rest of it must be too. The place is slightly updated. It is very clean and all my experience with the staff has been great. They are very attentive and always keeping an eye on your needs. I will say I had a bit of a bad experience on this trip. There were three of us in total. My two friends’ orders came out first. Then, about thirty minutes later, my order came out. There must have been a mix up in the back or my order got lost in the shuffle. It was a bit disheartening because this place would have received a slightly higher score if it weren’t for this issue. This was my first time eating here, so I am definitely willing to go back and give it a second chance. I’m not one to let a bad experience forever change my mind about a place. Plus, with it being so new, maybe they’re still trying to get into the swing of things.

    Wing Size: 5

    The wing size at Court Street Tavern is nothing to write home about. They run on the average range for the price that is given. You should order your normal amount and be just fine.

    Wing Flavors: 7

    They didn’t have a huge amount of flavors on the menu, but I can see this place really expanding on the options. The Parmesan Peppercorn was a featured wing not on the menu. Also, the waitress said the cook is willing to experiment with ideas, which is just awesome. In addition to the items on the menu, I know they will at least make a Hot Ranch and a Hot Caesar. Ask your waitress if they can make a wing with an idea you come up with. You may just invent a new wing flavor for Court Street Tavern.

    Wing Taste (x2): 7

    On this visit, I tried Hot Parmesan Peppercorn, Hot Ranch, Court Street Screamers, Honey Mustard, and Hot Honey Mustard. Let me start with the best. The Court Street Screamers are an amazing extra hot wing sauce. In fact, I’m willing to say it’s one of the better extra hot wing sauces in the area. The level of spice is just right and the flavor isn’t overwhelmed by it. I highly suggest these wings if you like a spicier sauce. The Honey Mustard were also a very good wing. These wings were more honey than mustard, so they were a bit on the sweeter side. Honestly though, I think I preferred this to the traditional honey mustard. It was a great wing. Now the rest of the sauces had a real chance to be something great, except they had one pitfall, they all tasted very similar. As I stated before, Court Street Tavern is relatively new, so they may still be toying with the balance of the sauces. In my opinion, I feel like all the wings had too much of the hot sauce and not enough of the second ingredient. For example, the Hot Parmesan Peppercorn had that hot sauce base, which is good on its own. Then, you only slightly get that peppery, cheesy taste on the backend. The problem is that you really have to search for it. I would say the balance is 80 percent hot, and 20 percent Parmesan peppercorn. This is also true with the Hot Honey Mustard. You got mostly hot sauce, and then a slight hint of honey sweetness. I understand the Hot Ranch was a new wing for the night, but it had the same problem. There was only the slightest hint of ranch. If they play around with the balance a bit more, they will have some of the best wings in the Scranton area.

    Serniak's Rating: 32 out of 50

    Environment: 7

    For being your typical corner bar, Court Street Tavern is a lot of fun. There isn’t a pool table or darts or anything like that but the atmosphere is a welcoming one that fosters good vibes. Perhaps it’s because of their very pleasant and sassy wait staff, I don’t know. I just know that you’ll feel good when you enter and pending on how you play it, feel pretty good when you leave. Court St. Tavern has a regular bar area which serves a few good drafts such as Ithaca Flower Power and a dining area so no matter what your angle is, you can get done what you’re trying to get done. We had to wait a bit for our order but from based on past experiences, I think that was an isolated occurrence.

    Wing Size: 7

    For 45 cents a wing, you get a good sized wing at Court St. Tavern. Very meaty and they had just enough crispiness to them. I got my usual 20 and I walked feeling full. There’s bigger, but not to many.

    Wing Flavors: 6

    There are a good amount of flavors at Court St. Tavern but not a ton of variety. They have hot, mild, Screamer (extra hot), hot honey mustard, hot garlic, hot ranch and parmesan peppercorn. All good on their own, but adding hot or mild to everything kind makes everything run together is you get a fair amount of wings.

    Wing Taste (x2): 6

    I ordered hot, screamer, hot garlic and parmesan peppercorn. The hot had a classic hot taste to them. Buttery but they also had a kick to them. The screamer wings I feel are the best they had. Hotter than the regular hot but it wasn’t anything unbearable. The screamer had a distinct flavor to them of other tangy and zesty spices. They were quite enjoyable. The hot garlic exactly what they were, their hot with chunks of garlic. They weren’t bad but I think they could have used just a bit more garlic. Same thing with the parmesan peppercorn, they were tasty but I could have used more parmesan and peppercorn on them. If you give that visual that there is good amount of whatever the wing is supposed to have then people like myself will be looking forward to that experience every time.