Tommy Boy’s Bar and Grill

Basic Information:

Location: 12 Market St., Nanticoke, PA, 18634
Phone Number: (570) 735-2023
Wing Night: Thursday
Wing Night Price: 50 cents
Wing Flavors:

Mild, Hot, Spicy Ranch, BBQ, Honey BBQ, Inferno, Spicy Parmesan Ranch, Mild Honey Garlic, Butter Garlic, Red Garlic, Sweet & Spicy, Inferno Honey Garlic, Honey Mustard, Cajun Bleu Cheese, Honey Mustard Inferno, Hot Honey Garlic, Louisiana Lightning, Cajun Butter Garlic, Caribbean Hoe Garden, Mild Cajun, Patriot, Asian Spice, Asian Bleu Cheese, Crabby Butter Garlic, Holy Schnikey, Sweet Tai Chili

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Wing To Get: Patriot

  • Tommyboy’s Bar and Grill

    Overall Rating: 80

    Lynch Serniak

    Lynch's Rating: 38 out of 50

    Environment: 7

    It’s a bit of a drive to Tommyboy’s from Scranton, PA, but we decided to take the trek based on suggestions from a number of people. This is only our second place we visited in Nanticoke, and I had high hopes of naming Nanticoke the wing capital of the year based on a well-known wing place also in the area. The bar/restaurant is a pretty big place. They have some family-style seating close to the front for the kiddies. They also have a large square bar with plenty of seating around it along with a number of bar tables. They also have a section I just not termed the Tommyboy’s Funzone. In this area, which is pretty open, they have a pool table, darts, shuffleboard, and a pong table. I imagine this is where they allow bands to play as it looked like stage lighting was set up here. It is definitely a place to go hang out with some friends on a Saturday. There is even a sort of smaller lounge area with a couple of couches. I didn’t really explore this area too much as it was in a separate section. I’m not sure what the purpose was really, but maybe it’s just a place to reflect. Tommyboy’s really seems like a fun place to hang out. Our waitress was super nice too. She was very friendly and talked to us about our experience. It wasn’t that busy while we were there, but it did take quite a while for the wings to come out. It was easily about an hour wait for the food. It’s good that they have all those activities that kept us busy because I would have started to get agitated otherwise. Also, they don’t allow you to split orders of ten, so we had to coordinate to get all the wings we wanted. They do allow you to get plain, sauceless wings though and get sauce on the side for more variety. I didn’t go this route because I like my wings drenched in sauce.

    Wing Size: 7

    For their wing night, which is Thursday, they sell the wings at 50 cents a piece. For the most part, the wings are pretty hefty. You will definitely leave more than full if you place your usual order.

    Wing Flavors: 10

    I was ecstatic with the wing selection here. They have all your traditional wing options as well as a couple with an interesting twist. I wish I had a bottomless stomach and wallet so I could order all the flavors and try them out. They may have to stay reserved for a future visit.

    Wing Taste (x2): 7

    As stated above, Tommyboy’s only allows at least an order of ten, so the group of us coordinated to get the biggest variety. The regular Hot had a more vinegary taste to them as opposed to a buttery taste. Personally, I prefer the more buttery ones, but these weren’t a bad wing. The Caribbean Hoe Garden seemed really interesting. I assumed the name is based on the idea that Hoegaarden was mixed into the sauce. Perhaps because I was looking for it, I seemed to get a very slight taste of the alcoholic beverage. It was a bit lacking in the Caribbean spice area of the name, so I was a bit let down. The Mild Cajun and Honey Mustard Inferno tasted very similar, which you would not expect as they seem like two very different flavors. That’s not to say they weren’t tasty. They both had a nice spice and good seasoning on the wing. If I had to choose one of the two, I would go with the Honey Mustard Inferno as that mustard flavor came through just a bit more. Spicy Parmesan Ranch were very tasty. We say it all the time, but if you mix Hot sauce with Parmesan or Ranch, you cannot go wrong. I had really high hopes for the Crabby Butter Garlic, which is the Butter Garlic mixed with Old Bay. The amount of butter caused all the Old Bay to fall off the wing, leaving me trying to scoop it up from the bottom. At the place, I was disappointed, but I did bring some of these home. The next day when I tried them, the butter, garlic, and Old Bay formed into a thicker sauce and blended perfectly together. I wish there was a way they could capture this technique in the restaurant. Perhaps add some Parmesan cheese to thicken up the butter. This would make it also like an “Aww Shucks” corn, which is an awesome Allentown area treat that you should probably google if you have never heard of it before. Finally, the best wing I had from Tommyboy’s was the Patriot. I forget exactly the combination of sauces in the wing. I want to say Hot sauce, Bleu cheese, Cajun and Garlic. You will have to check with them when you go. Regardless, the flavor was just out of this world. It had such a nice, smooth, delicious flavor that left me wanting more. Unfortunately, the friend who ordered it got it on the side, so I had to dip my wing into the sauce. Next time, I am getting a full order of these wings so I can get the wings drenched in this sauce.

    Serniak's Rating: 42 out of 50

    Environment: 10

    I don’t know what or how they do it up in Nanticoke, but they sure know how to run a wing joint. Wait a second, yes I do and I’m going to tell you. Like the R-Bar, Tommy Boy’s is a place known for their wings and they not just those but an inviting atmosphere, with a lot to do. They have a large bar area that is cast in a real cool red light but they also have tables that surround it. While you’re waiting for your wings, you have several options. You can play your traditional parlor games like pool and darts. Or you can play their cousin; shuffle board. If you’re feeling really froggy, you can play their drunk uncle; beer pong. They also have a nice collection of vintage concert posters, for you to admire. They even bring you chips and salsa while you wait. How cool is that? The answer is very cool. Our server added to the great experience. She was sociable, genuine and damn good at her job and it showed. Tommy Boy’s is the kind of place you can go there with a group of friends and spend all night there. The place just spawns fun.

    Wing Size: 8

    They’re large at Tommy Boy’s and at your typical wing night price of 50 cents, you’ll be feeling pretty good about everything when you leave.

    Wing Flavors: 10

    This place brought “IT” when it came to amount and variety of wing flavors. With over 25 sauces, you will know doubt find more than a few sauces that tickle your fancy. Sauces such as Cajun bleu cheese, Louisiana lightning, crabby butter garlic and Patriot along with your traditional and not so traditional creations, Tommy Boy’s brings intelligence and flare to their menu.

    Wing Taste (x2): 7

    We split 4 different flavors because you can’t order them in orders of 5. I really don’t understand why places do that. Just make it easy for the costumer, so that I can experience more sauces. We ordered hot, Caribbean Hoegarden, crabby butter garlic and spicy parmesan ranch. The hot reminded of some Bob wings if anyone can recall what they are. With these wings, you could taste the vinegar in there, which made them very flavorful. The Caribbean Hoegarden was pretty similar to the hot only these had chunks of pineapple. Honestly, I didn’t really taste much of the pineapple. The crabby butter garlic was kind of a dry rub mixed with butter that brought much flavor. One thing with this style, I thought there was too much butter and the old bay seasoning was running off of them. Just a bit less butter and they would have been not just good, but stellar. Finally, my favorite flavor was the spicy parmesan ranch. This was complex but simple, if that makes since, which it doesn’t. it had a lot of different elements but was basic in theory. It had a fair amount of heat and then the cooling off the ranch was terrific. Then adding the parmesan cheese brought the whole thing together.