High Wing Prices Strike Again: This Time It’s Quaker Steak And Lube

Published: November/4/2017

Pittsburg (KDHA) — It’s an end to an era as restaurant Quaker Steak and Lube says they are discontinuing their all you can eat wing night.Workers at the restaurant were told that the price of wings were just too high to continue the Tuesday night all you can eat option.In its place, Quaker Steak says they will be offering new “$10 Tuesdays” meal deals.The restaurant says you can still get wings with the $10 offer, just not all you can eat.In a press release, the restaurant says:“Our restaurant guests want to be able to eat out and enjoy great food that’s affordably priced, in a welcoming and fun atmosphere,” said John Ponczoch, Senior Vice President of TravelCenters of America and leader of the TA Restaurant Group, which operates and franchises Quaker Steak & Lube.There are some 50 Quaker Steak restaurants across the country, the restaurant is based in Sharon.The company was acquired by TravelCenters of America after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2015.All you can eat wing night has always been a staple at the restaurant.“I grew up with all you can eat wings, it was a staple of my childhood,” one customer said.As you can imagine, users are taking to social media to voice their complaints.The announcement comes as the price of chicken wings skyrockets.Buffalo Wild Wings has abandoned half-priced wings on Tuesdays.The Bigham Tavern says they can no longer sell them for 50 cents on their Wednesday wing night.

Well it certainly seems that long and frustrating tentacles of high wing prices have claimed another victim. This time it was the all you could eat wing night at Quaker Steak and Lube. You can say that Quaker Steak was a chain restaurant therefore nothing matters about them when it comes to wings or anything for that matter. You can say that they’re wings are trash, although we’d tell you that their wings are solid. What you can’t say is that whenever a place that has an all you can eat night of any kind of food, and then they have to end that night because we live in in a cruel world where money talks and wings walk that it isn’t a sad day. You can’t say that because that would be a huge lie and we don’t want to be looked at as liars now do we?

It stinks that every story you hear about wings is about how the prices are going through the roof. Wings and people who love wings have been taking Ls for far to long and are in need of a win. Hopefully, we can find a balance between supply and demand and mankind’s thirst for wings. I wish I knew when that day was coming. I wish I knew!