I’m Against This Infusion Of Lattes And Buffalo Sauce

Published: October/14/2017

Oct. 13 UPI A pair of Tim Horton‘s locations in Buffalo, N.Y., have introduced a new drink combining Buffalo-flavor seasoning and seasonal lattes.The international quick-service coffee chain shared a photo of its new limited Buffalo spice latte to celebrate lattes being served in the area for first time.”How do you celebrate our new lattes in Buffalo, New York? With actual Buffalo-flavored lattes!” Tim Horton’s wrote.Stephen Goldstein, regional president of Tim Hortons U.S. said the chain concocted the bizarre drink to celebrate the birthplace of the famous wing sauce.”We decided to surprise our loyal guests by pairing our new handcrafted Latte with the bold Buffalo flavor that’s so iconic to the region,” he said. “The unlikely pairing comes together to create an unexpectedly delicious sweet and spicy treat.”The mixture also serves as a nod to a bit of shared history between the coffee chain and Buffalo sauce.”Tim Hortons and Buffalo sauce were both born in 1964, so why not take these two Buffalo staples and combine them,” he said.The unique Buffalo spice latte’s will be available at the two New York locations until Oct. 20 while supplies last.

As a member of the wing community I feel that it’s my duty to bring you the latest in wing news when I see it. This morning I’m unfortunately sharing with you this creation from our neighbors up north. I simply can’t back this. I’m sure you’re asking yourself “but Sern, you love wings and the joy that wings bring to people, how can you be against this? Also, you’ve written and spoke about many times how you like PBandJ, blueberry BBQ and a host of other desert style wings before. How can you come back and say this latte with buffalo spice is wrong?” Yes, I believe all of you are saying exactly that to yourselves. The answer to all that is easy. There needs to be a line drawn somewhere and the line is at wings. Come up with the craziest/zaniest/off the wall flavor combination you can think of, but leave it in the wing joint. When I go into bizzaro Dunkin Donuts I’m going there for something to drag me out of whatever haze my body and mind has entered. Not to get my sweet fix along with my spice fix. I realize that sounds like a guy trying to tell folks what to do. It’s not. Feel free to do whatever you want okay. This is America Canada. You have the right to do whatever you please.

We live in a time where people want infinite options, a time where they want every food or drink they order to have every possible topping that there is. Sounds great in theory but it leads to to many deformities. I’ve found to many of these abominations in my life such as the time I found chocolate infused with Tabasco sauce. You can read about that experience here. I suppose you can say that all these attempts at culinary glory is how new ideas get made but think about the other side of it. Think about all the swings and misses. It’s like in the movie  Aliens where they have the hall with all the attempts of trying to breed a human and an Alien. They took it to far then and it’s being taken to far now. If this latte could talk it would be asking for Ripley to put it down.

My fear with this is escalation. Where does it end?  Today we start putting hot wing sauce in lattes, tomorrow were putting hot wing sauce on bananas like it’s an episode of Doug. Full disclosure, it doesn’t become a trend.