Wing Prices Are Going Up And There’s Nothing Any Of Us Can Do About It

Published: June/17/2017

Unless you’ve been living under a rock that was also lying underneath an ocean of other rocks, you can’t help but notice that wing prices have been going up at an alarming rate. It sucks, it’s awful and it sucks. But that’s just the world we live in. It’s a cruel world that doesn’t want people to feel terrific. So when the world decides to check the human race, it gets dirty and goes below the belt by jacking up wing prices. As your local Wingmen, we’ve been reporting for years how the average wing price on an average wing night is around 45-50 cents a wing and the response we always get is “back in my day, I remember getting wings for 25 cents or even 10 cents.” Well folks, those days are over and sadly they are never coming back. I wish there was some sort of legislation I can put into motion to make wing prices like they were. I wish I had the know how to build a time machine and transport everyone back to when wing prices were crazy low but I don’t have that club in the bag.

Unfortunately, I won’t be to surprised to see wing prices get even higher. More and more when we head out for wings we’re encountering wing nights where the wings are hovering around 60 cents a wing. If you told an old timer that their head would fly off their bodies at how absurd that sounds. But that’s the reality that we’re in. I really can’t put too much blame on the restaurants. The cost of wings is going up so naturally restaurants are going to charge more for wings. Supply and demand…. I think.

My advice for y’all is to go about your lives and not get bogged down by escalating wing prices. Continue to go living it up with your crew. Most importantly, keep going and consume as many wings as you can because full disclosure, one day you’re not going to be able to. Don’t let a few extra dollars get in the way of enjoying a wing night. I think if we can all get behind that type of mantra, there’s no telling what we can do.