The Wing Men Have Visited 100 Wing Joints!!

Published: July/27/2017

After confirming with the nerds down at NEPA Wingmen HQ, it has been discovered that when we went to R-place a few weeks ago, that we eclipsed our 100th wing joint that we went too. Not sure if we get a jacket or a watch out of this, but it’s nice to know that we hit triple digits. Go ahead and give yourselves a round of applause because without your continuous support we wouldn’t of had the daunting and downright pressure filled task of sampling the wings of the greater NEPA area. Not saying it’s your fault that our bodies have aged decades within a 4-5 year stretch but I’m also not not saying that either. And because we’re damn caring humanitarians, knowing that it took every place we’ve been too to get us where we are today and that we understand the concept of needing to break a few eggs to make an omelet, please pour some out for the wing joints that we have lost throughout the years.

Keep letting us know about wing places that we haven’t tried yet and new places that are new to everyone in the area. We don’t discriminate and are down to having all the wings this side of the Appalachian Mountains. No doubt we revisit places oftenish, but nothing gets our engine going than the unknown. So if you know of a place or even if you have a place that you believe has wings that have what it takes, message us and we’ll do what we can to get there.

Again, thanks and remember to always Wing it!