Wing Reviews

Bart and Urby’s

Bart and Urby’s First Time - 01/13/15

Bart and Urby’s is one of those places that I have been told about so many times to check out for wings, and we finally got around to it. I will begin by stating that every Read More >

Whiskey Business

Whiskey Business

Whiskey Business, which took a bit of a hiatus from operating in the last year or so, is located in animal that is Wilkes Barre. It’s a very unassuming place on the outside Read More >

Barrett’s Pub

First Visit to Barrett’s Pub - 12/12/13

I’ve been to Barrett’s Pub many times when I was a lad. We used to go there all the time as a family in my youth. It’s been many years since I was there, though. It is mostly Read More >


Wildcat Saloon 2nd Visit

The pride of Sturgis or Eynon, depending on who you ask, the Wildcat Saloon has a Roadhouse feel to it and it doesn’t shy away from it. With being nearly fully constructed of Read More >

The Banshee

Banshee First Visit - 10/15/12

The Banshee is a cavernous bar with plenty of sitting room. It’s huge! I was surprised when I walked in that it was so dead with it being wing night, but I was soon to find Read More >


Wildcat Saloon

Check out our rating of Wildcat. We were only doing number scores for our first visit, so don't expect to read anything Read More >

Backyard Ale House

Bad Visit to Backyard - 08/19/15

The atmosphere at the Ale House is one that should instantly put you in a good mood. Whether it’s their amazing selection of craft brew or creative menu, you certainly won’t Read More >

Windsor Inn

Windsor Inn - 12/04/16

Many readers have wondered why The Windsor Inn is one of the few places we have never been to in NEPA. The answer is very easy – we generally only go to wing places on wing Read More >

Backyard Ale House

Backyard First Visit - 12/12/13

The Backyard Ale House, a bar that many people from our area frequent to have a quality brew and to unwind. This all can be had there and now you can now order food. You can Read More >

Backdraft Sports Bar & Grill

Backdraft’s First Visit

We’ve been on a streak lately of going to places that are far away from Scranton. I mean, it wasn’t like Backdraft was on the moon, but it was certainly outside our usual Read More >