Wing Reviews

Bell’s County Line Pub & Eatery

First Visit to Bell’s - 05/08/13

Bell’s is a bit of a trip from the Scranton Area. It’s located right next to Keystone College past Clarks Summit. It’s a house that has been transformed into a bar/restaurant Read More >

The Vault Tap and Kitchen

The Vault Tap and Kitchen

he Vault is a newer place located on Main Street within the West side of Scranton. The reason it is called The Vault, appropriately enough, is that the place used to be a bank Read More >

The Beacon

First Visit to The Beacon - 09/28/16

The Beacon, which is all the way up in Uniondale is a real genuine, mans man bar. I gotta believe that everyone there were the toughest people in the world. Everyone there Read More >


Waldo’s 3rd Visit

We decided it was time to make another trip to Waldo’s since our last visit over three years ago. Our decision was made very easy by the fact that we heard they had redid the Read More >

Bart and Urby’s

Bart and Urby’s Two Timers - 10/26/15

Bart and Urby’s, located in the heart of city of Wilkes barre, appears to be your traditional restaurant bar from the outside. But on the inside, patrons know there is much Read More >


Waldo’s First Visit

Waldo’s is a pretty small bar located near the bottom of Green Ridge Street. It is a very missable building with a sign of a walrus over the door. I always thought it was a Read More >

Bart and Urby’s

Bart and Urby’s First Time - 01/13/15

Bart and Urby’s is one of those places that I have been told about so many times to check out for wings, and we finally got around to it. I will begin by stating that every Read More >

Whiskey Business

Whiskey Business

Whiskey Business, which took a bit of a hiatus from operating in the last year or so, is located in animal that is Wilkes Barre. It’s a very unassuming place on the outside Read More >

Barrett’s Pub

First Visit to Barrett’s Pub - 12/12/13

I’ve been to Barrett’s Pub many times when I was a lad. We used to go there all the time as a family in my youth. It’s been many years since I was there, though. It is mostly Read More >


Wildcat Saloon 2nd Visit

The pride of Sturgis or Eynon, depending on who you ask, the Wildcat Saloon has a Roadhouse feel to it and it doesn’t shy away from it. With being nearly fully constructed of Read More >