Wing Reviews

Slingshots’s Bar and Grill

Slingshot’s Bar and Grill

Slingshots is a relatively new player in the world of wings in the greater NEPA region. They’re located in Moscow and no, I will not make any kind of reference to Russia. Read More >

Buffalo Wild Wings

Our First Time to Buffalo Wild Wings - 12/02/14

Buffalo Wild Wings was only open a couple days at the Viewmont Mall in Dickson City when we decided we needed to check it out. In fact, there’s been a couple of them Read More >

Smiler’s Grill and Bar

Smilers Bar and Grill 2nd Visit

This is our second trip to Smiler’s (the first time we weren’t writing reviews yet), and I have to say that I am as pleased with it as ever. It’s a corner bar/restaurant in Di Read More >

Buddy Clarke’s Tavern

First Time to Buddy Clarke’s - 06/25/13

Buddy Clark’s is a small bar off of Greenridge St. It felt like a little townie bar that has its regulars that no about it. The place is a straight up bar with an obvious Iris Read More >

Bud’s Bar & Grill

First Visit to Bud’s - 07/22/15

Bud’s Bar is an easily overlooked place along Main Ave in Archbald. In fact, I’m not sure if I would have even known about it if I didn’t live right by it in my youth. I was Read More >

St. George’s Restaurant

St. George’s Restaurant

I’ve heard of Marilyn Monroe bars before, but this place was ridiculous. Seriously though, this was like a sports bar, except where sports posters would be were posters of Read More >

Brickhouse Tavern

Two Times to Brickhouse

This is our second trip to the Brickhouse, and the whole time I had the classic Commodores song “Brick House” in my head. This wasn’t necessarily bad as the place had an odd Read More >

Brickhouse Tavern

First Brickhouse Visit - 09/19/12

Our very first visit to Brickhouse. This was before we did written reviews, so check it out to see our number rating. Read More >