Wing Reviews

Parker House Tavern

The Parker House

While approaching the Parker House, I could have sworn the place was closed. The parking lot is completely dark with no lights. There are no windows to indicate there is Read More >

Jak’s Pub & Eatery

First Visit to Jak’s - 06/10/15

Jak’s, formerly called Jonny D’s, is a little corner bar located in Jessup. It’s a place that’s perfect if you’re group is only a few of you but any more and you might have a Read More >

The Patch

The Patch 2nd Visit

We were at The Patch once before during the summer last year. They have a very cozy back patio where you can sit outside to enjoy your food. Since we are nearing Read More >

The Peanut Bar

Peanut Bar 2nd Visit

The Peanut Bar, located in Carbondale, is a bar that always got a bad rap as I grew up. I have to say nothing can be farther than the truth. It is very clean, has plenty of Read More >

Iron Horse Movie Bistro

Movie Times at Iron Horse Bistro - 06/05/17

Iron Horse Movie Bistro is a different type of wing place, mainly because it’s not really a wing place. Located right next to the Steamtown Mall in Scranton, Iron Horse is a Read More >

Honkey Tonk

First Time to Honkey Tonk - 05/08/13

The Honky Tonk is probably exactly like you have been told it was. It is a bar in Dunmore that has a Western feel to it. With cowboy merchandise all over the place to Read More >

The Penalty Box

Penalty Box 2nd Visit

The service this time around was less than stellar. It took a while to get an order placed or even get our drinks. The waitress made us feel like an after thought. She could h Read More >

Heil’s Place

Second Visit to Heil’s

Alright, here’s the deal with Heil’s and its environment. For their wing night, the atmosphere is pretty dull, nut much going on. There are people there sitting at the bar Read More >