Wing Reviews

Elmer Sudds

Elmer Sudds First Visit - 08/18/20

Wow. It's been so long since Lynch and I enjoyed some wings together on official business. Read More >

Fiddler’s Green Irish Pub

First Time at Fiddler’s Green - 01/06/20

Fiddler’s Green Irish Pub is another place we’ve been seeing posted to Facebook quite a bit, so we decided to make the drive to give them a try. It’s either located in Kingsto Read More >

Cosmo’s on Oak

A Visit to Cosmo’s on Oak - 12/04/19

If you live around Scranton, you’re probably familiar with the name Cosmo, whether it’s because of the cheesesteaks or the billiard’s hall along the Scranton-Carbondale Read More >

JoJo’s at the Donkey

JoJo’s at the Donkey - 11/11/19

JoJo's at the Donkey, which used to be Jason's, which used to be The Donkey has the plot section of Scranton all to themselves now th Read More >

Uncle Buck’s BBQ

Uncle Buck’s BBQ - 10/23/19

When I'm usually in Plymouth it's for business. But this occasion I was there for the pleasure that only a little town like Plymouth can offer. For my counterpart Read More >

Cheap Shots

Cheap Shots - 07/03/19

Cheap Shots, which is located where the American Grill at the Bombay Cafe in Dickson was, is a newly established joint. The makeup Read More >

Happy Valley Sports Bar

Happy Valley = Happy Wing Men - 06/17/19

We were nearing our three year anniversary since our last visit to Happy Valley Sports Bar, so we figured we were long overdue on another visit. I’m surprised this is a place Read More >

Charlie’s Cafe

First Time to Charlie’s Cafe - 06/04/19

This is a first for your NEPA Wingmen because this is the first time we were ever in Ashley... to review wings. I'm happy to report that I'm glad we decided to enter Ashley to Read More >

The Jive

Feeling Alive at The Jive - 04/11/19

The Jive, which is located in the far away land of Moscow, is big time beef jerky place. They make their own there and tons of different flavors. Read More >