Wing Reviews

Marilake Winery

The Wing Men take on Marilake Winery

Don't ever say that the NEPA Wingmen don't have any class or sense of sophistication. We won't stand for such erroneous accusations. Read More >

Ale Mary’s

Return Visit to Ale Mary’s

There once was a time where I would go to Whistles on a Thursday night. That was about 10 years ago and it was excellent. Now, as most of you are aware or at least I Read More >

Jubilee Restaurant

Our Very First Time to Jubilee Restaurant - 05/27/18

The last time I had a wing in the Poconos was two years ago at a wing festival where Lynch and I were honorary wing judges. Read More >

McAlpine St Pub & Pizza

First Visit to McAlpine St Pub & Pizza - 04/19/18

From speaking to one of my many man contacts that I have in the world of Avoca, McAlpine St. Pub and Pizza has only been around for less than a year. I'm not Read More >

Plains Pub

Plains Pub - 04/03/18

NEPA Wingmen? More like Plains Wingmen amiright? Because for the past two weeks we've gone to wing joints in Plains. Let it sink in, you'll get it Read More >

Charlie B’s Pub & Eatery

Charlie B’s - 03/27/18

Maybe called the pride of Plains or at the very least should be an honorable mention to be called the pride of Plains is Charlie B's. We've been told about this place from a Read More >

Kuzzin’s Cafe

Kuzzin’s Cafe - 03/21/18

We posted on Facebook looking for new places to go and the response we got was fantastic. We went out in the fierce elements that hit NEPA on this day that Read More >

Ice House Pub

Ice House Pub – The Review that Time Forgot - 07/20/16

We visited this place back in July of 2016, but somehow it got lost in the shuffle of time. Luckily, we had everything saved for it, so we're bringing it to you now. Enjoy! Read More >

AJs Inn-Ovation

Making our Way back to AJ’s - 02/27/18

It’s been quite a while since we’ve made a visit to AJ’s in Carbondale. Since our last visit, they’ve made a number of changes, most likely a result of the new ownership. Read More >

Andy Gavin’s

Written Review of Andy Gavin’s

I wanted to give this place a 9 for environment, but I honestly cannot think of a reason to give it anything other than a 10. It was recently remodeled, which opened up a lot Read More >