Wing Reviews

Jak’s Pub & Eatery

Third Time’s a Charm to Jak’s - 02/22/17

Jaks is the epitome of your classic corner bar because it has that welcoming vibe you’d expect out of your grandmother’s house if your grandmother was in the Read More >

Parker House Tavern

The Parker House

While approaching the Parker House, I could have sworn the place was closed. The parking lot is completely dark with no lights. There are no windows to indicate there is Read More >

Jak’s Pub & Eatery

First Visit to Jak’s - 06/10/15

Jak’s, formerly called Jonny D’s, is a little corner bar located in Jessup. It’s a place that’s perfect if you’re group is only a few of you but any more and you might have a Read More >

The Patch

The Patch 2nd Visit

We were at The Patch once before during the summer last year. They have a very cozy back patio where you can sit outside to enjoy your food. Since we are nearing Read More >

The Peanut Bar

Peanut Bar 2nd Visit

The Peanut Bar, located in Carbondale, is a bar that always got a bad rap as I grew up. I have to say nothing can be farther than the truth. It is very clean, has plenty of Read More >

Iron Horse Movie Bistro

Movie Times at Iron Horse Bistro - 06/05/17

Iron Horse Movie Bistro is a different type of wing place, mainly because it’s not really a wing place. Located right next to the Steamtown Mall in Scranton, Iron Horse is a Read More >

Honkey Tonk

First Time to Honkey Tonk - 05/08/13

The Honky Tonk is probably exactly like you have been told it was. It is a bar in Dunmore that has a Western feel to it. With cowboy merchandise all over the place to Read More >

The Penalty Box

Penalty Box 2nd Visit

The service this time around was less than stellar. It took a while to get an order placed or even get our drinks. The waitress made us feel like an after thought. She could h Read More >