Wing Reviews

Legends Saloon

First Visit to Legend’s - 12/17/12

Legend’s, formerly Novak’s for those who remember that, has vibe that promotes a good time. The people in the bar seemed like they were grateful that they weren’t Read More >

The Moontower Bar and Grill

The Moontower

Moontower, which is very much a reference to the movie Dazed and Confused, is a newer bar in the Archbald area.  Since, it’s so new, it is a very clean place. It has a Read More >

Kildare’s Irish Pub

Two Times to Kildare’s

Their wing night is on a Monday, so the real fun atmosphere of Kildares could not be had. But it was fine there. It is a very clean and inviting place. It is a large area Read More >

Morgan’z Pub and Eatery

Morganz Pub - 09/15/15

As you make your way down Green Ridge St. in Scranton, you will pass by one of my favorite outdoor-eating establishments: Morgan’z Pub & Eatery. In fact, every meal I Read More >

Morgan’z Pub and Eatery

Morganz Pub

I have been to Morganz three times, and I have yet to sit inside. Whenever given the opportunity, I will always sit outside. The outside seating area is pretty cool as it has Read More >

Kelly’s Pub & Eatery

Kelly’s First Visit - 09/11/13

For some reason, people judge Kelly’s as the height of wing places in Scranton. I was here once before years ago, and I was not overly impressed. In fact, that one Read More >

Joyce’s Cafe

First Time to Joyce’s - 12/06/12

Joyce’s is a clean place that is a bar/restaurant. You would have no problem going there at any time of the day. It had a very old family/Italian feel to it. They have a pool Read More >

Newfoundland Hotel

Newfoundland Hotel

Newfound Hotel is a bit of a trek from Scranton. It takes about 30 minutes to get there. Newfoundland is a small town with some quaint charm to it, at least the part that I Read More >