Wing Reviews

Charlie’s Cafe

First Time to Charlie’s Cafe - 06/04/19

This is a first for your NEPA Wingmen because this is the first time we were ever in Ashley... to review wings. I'm happy to report that I'm glad we decided to enter Ashley to Read More >

The Jive

Feeling Alive at The Jive - 04/11/19

The Jive, which is located in the far away land of Moscow, is big time beef jerky place. They make their own there and tons of different flavors. Read More >

The Angry Irishman

The Angry Irishman - 02/21/19

The Angry Irishman is a new place in Scranton that has been popping up a lot in my Facebook feed for their wing bites, so I figured we should take a trip. Read More >


Finally made it to Nina’s - 01/24/19

Nina’s Wing Bites and Pizza is another place that we went to recently that has been a long time coming. We’ve stopped adhering to our unwritten rule of only reviewing places Read More >

Haggerty’s Pub & Eatery

Three Times to Haggerty’s - 01/10/19

It’s been quite a while since we last made a trip to Haggerty’s. Serniak has been considering a return visit for a while, and when he posted a question to our Facebook page... Read More >

Benny Brewing Company

Benny Brewing Company - 12/27/18

Nothing like going to a brewery. It's just always fun. Name one time a person went to a brewery and had a bad time. Read More >

Lace Works Tap & Grill

Checking out Lace Works - 09/26/18

Lace Works is a new bar and grill in the Scranton area, but it has ties to an oldy but goody on two different levels. The building it now occupies was formerly Read More >

The Moontower Bar and Grill

Second Visit to Moontower - 09/12/18

ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT. Sorry not sorry, but I'm contractually obligated to start each section of this blog with that. Read More >


First Time to Nonno’s - 08/30/18

Finally, we visited Nonno's. The grand champion for wing bites due to winning that category at the Wings Read More >

Market Street Bar & Grill

Making our way to Market St Bar & Grill - 08/22/18

I feel like I’ve been hearing a lot about Market Street Bar & Grill within the last couple months from a number of people. I honestly have no clue how new it is so maybe that Read More >