Wing Reviews

Voodoo Brewing Co.

The Wing Men do Voodoo - 01/11/23

We decided to visit one of the newest (and one of the only) breweries in town to partake in their smoked wings. Read More >

Porkiez Bar and Grill

Porkiez, not the movie, the place that has wings - 11/02/22

Porkiez is a relatively new establishment right in the heart of Throop, which is really close to all the other body parts of Throop since it's only a mile and a half long. Read More >

Thirsty Elephant

Thirsty Elephant is Perfect for Hungry People - 08/18/22

Our not-as-active journey for the best wings in NEPA took us to Scranton to a place called The Thirsty Elephant. The Thirsty Elephant is a rather new establishment... Read More >

Moon Tavern

A Close Encounter at the Moon Tavern - 01/12/22

No, your NEPA Wingmen did not have a close encounter of the 4th, 3rd, 2nd, or even 1st kind on this journey. I mean, I suppose anybody could be an alien like a reptilian Read More >

Larry’s Pizzeria

The Wing Men return by visiting Larry’s Pizzeria - 11/23/21

The Wing Men have been out of the game a while, but they are back with a great trip to Nanticoke to check out Larry's Pizzeria. Read More >

Elmer Sudds

Elmer Sudds First Visit - 08/18/20

Wow. It's been so long since Lynch and I enjoyed some wings together on official business. Read More >

Fiddler’s Green Irish Pub

First Time at Fiddler’s Green - 01/06/20

Fiddler’s Green Irish Pub is another place we’ve been seeing posted to Facebook quite a bit, so we decided to make the drive to give them a try. It’s either located in Kingsto Read More >

Cosmo’s on Oak

A Visit to Cosmo’s on Oak - 12/04/19

If you live around Scranton, you’re probably familiar with the name Cosmo, whether it’s because of the cheesesteaks or the billiard’s hall along the Scranton-Carbondale Read More >

JoJo’s at the Donkey

JoJo’s at the Donkey - 11/11/19

JoJo's at the Donkey, which used to be Jason's, which used to be The Donkey has the plot section of Scranton all to themselves now th Read More >