In The News: Wing Bites

High Wing Prices Strike Again: This Time It’s Quaker Steak And Lube

Published: 11/4/17

Well it certainly seems that long and frustrating tentacles of high wing prices have claimed another victim. This time it was the all you could eat wing night at Quaker Steak Read More >

I’m Against This Infusion Of Lattes And Buffalo Sauce

Published: 10/14/17

As a member of the wing community I feel that it's my duty to bring you the latest in wing news when I see it. This morning I'm unfortunately sharing with you this creation fr Read More >

The Wing Men Have Visited 100 Wing Joints!!

Published: 07/27/17

After confirming with the nerds down at NEPA Wingmen HQ, it has been discovered that when we went to R-place a few weeks ago, that we eclipsed our 100th wing joint that we wen Read More >

2017 Wings At The Waterpark

Published: 06/29/17

It's another summer, so that means it's almost time for another Wings at the Waterpark! We love this event and look forward to it every year! Also, you get to see yours truly Read More >

Great News: Scareltt Johansson Is As Obsessed About Wings As I Am Meaning Courtship Has Begun

Published: 06/21/17

Appearing on The Late Show with Steven Colbert Scarlett Johansson, one of the stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, star of Lucy(sneaky good flick) and key player in my Read More >

Wing Prices Are Going Up And There’s Nothing Any Of Us Can Do About It

Published: 06/17/17

Unless you've been living under a rock that was also lying underneath an ocean of other rocks, you can't help but notice that wing prices have been going up at an alarming Read More >

Hot Wings: The Most American Food

Published: 03/21/17

Hot Wings are the most American food! Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get into the brass tacks. The first Hot Wing (also called chicken wings or Buffalo wings) Read More >

The Wing Men Present Elite Eat

Published: 03/15/17

We have teamed up with The Woodlands Experience to help choose a new wing sauce for Crescenzo's! On March 26, 2017, from 3-7 PM , head to Crezcenzo's within The Woodlands to Read More >

The Wing Men On Facebook

Published: 10/20/16

f you don't like The Wing Men on Facebook, you're making a huge mistake! First of all, by liking us on Facebook, you're more likely to be notified when we post a review. On Read More >

The Wing Men Win The 2016 Podcast Of The Year!

Published: 10/18/16

We won the 2016 Podcast of the Year! Who would have thought that two dudes who record reviews about wings would become 2016 Podcast of the year? Honestly, we are humbled and Read More >